Bucket List

So I was skimming through my diary this evening and I came across my bucket list. I thought I’d post this here and update or cross out all the things I’ve done and be motivated by the things i haven’t done yet. ๐Ÿ˜€

go skydiving/bungee jumping

visit five Asian countries

see the Acropolis, the pyramids of Egypt, the Sistine Chapel

swim with sharks/dolphins

lie down on a highway

ride a horse by myself

kiss underneath fireworks

go caving, scuba diving, snorkelling

learn how to surf

run a marathon

sing in front of a crowd

finish myย novel

watch the Summer Olympics

buy a Katana and learn how to use it

go skinny dipping

join a beauty pageant

learn how to play the violin

save someone’s life



10 thoughts on “Bucket List

      1. haha. try running away from zombies, waaaaaaay cooler than normal running. ๐Ÿ˜€ i’m talking about last year’s zombie run here in Cebu, marathoners were chased by fake zombies, slow runners were “eaten”.. hahaha.

      2. lageh.. i almost fainted sa pageant night gane, sa q&a part, we had to stand for more than 2 hours on 6 inch heels and wear a smile ALL THE TIME! my ghaaaaad.. haha

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