Gam of Thrones season 6 episode 3

Oathbreaker – Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

Game of Thrones is perhaps one of the rare shows able to pull off featuring multiple perspectives in one episode and portray said perspective in a different light. Neither a villain nor a hero, but someone who is merely coping with the trials of life in Westeros. Over the last five seasons, we’ve had a slew of characters chopped off from the show as a direct consequence of them doing what they think is right, even though it might seem wrong to most people. In tonight’s episode, ‘Oathbreaker’ further explores that idea… 

In Memory of Shaggydog

Gam of Thrones season 6 episode 3

The universe is apparently in on a cruel joke towards the Starks because it just doesn’t stop doling out Eddard’s offsprings to really shitty situations. Now, it’s Rickon Stark and Osha who’s beeing “handed” over to Ramsay Bolton as a gift by House Umber. Unfortunately, because DNA testing has yet to be developed in Westeros, they have to use a dead Shaggydog as evidence that this is indeed one of the Stark boys.

Is it just me or are Benioff and Weiss hellbent on destroying the direwolves? First, there was gentle Lady, then the fierce Nymeria (who could still be alive but who knows), then the mighty and loyal Greywind, and now Shaggydog. The only living direwolf now is Ghost and Summer. Are we to assume their days are numbered? 😦

I like to believe that there’s a bigger plot to overthrow Ramsay here, by first gaining his trust. Both the Karstarks and the Umbers are in on it, and I’m hoping the other houses of the North are too, such as the Manderlys and the Mormonts.

No One Completes Her Training

Gam of Thrones season 6 episode 3

Arya is one step closer to crossing names off her mental death note, though at this point she is very clever in assuming her role as ‘no one’. Her training with the waif and with the man whose face we know as Jaqen H’gar has come to a fruitful conclusion: Arya’s sight is back and she is ten times more badass than she already is.

So far, all of the Stark children have undergone a significant turning point in their lives which steered them in a vastly different direction than they expected. There was Robb who suddenly became King in the North, Sansa who was engaged to Joffrey, married to Tyrion and Ramsay, Arya who escaped Kingslanding to have a near-reunion with her family only to have them butchered seconds before she was to see them, Bran who was crippled and forced to abandon his home, and Rickon who was deprived of a family at a very early age.

All of the Stark children have had their character arcs and its only a matter of time, I hope, before the tides turn and they finally get what they deserve: cold hard revenge.

Sword of the Morning

Gam of Thrones season 6 episode 3

In what turns out to be a prelude to the Tower of Joy reveal, we explore the past again with Bran Stark and the Three Eyed Raven  whose ‘greendreams’ now take them to that penultimate past that will change everything.

We finally see Ser Arthur Dayne, famously known as the Sword of the Morning. His swordsmanship skills are truly badass and the show did wonderfully with the choreography and stunning cinematography. Obviously, young Eddard would have died if not for Howland Reed stabbing Ser Dayne’s back. This instantly establishes the close bond and loyalty between Eddard and Howland, which will be quite a useful backstory later on in the show.

As for the actual scene with Lyanna dying at the Tower of Joy, that has yet to happen in perhaps episode 4 or 5.

Widow of the Great Khal

Gam of Thrones season 6 episode 3

The Mother of Dragons is back at Vaes Dothrak. She last saw this Dothraki city when she was carrying Khal Drogo’s child and the world seemed theirs to conquer. Now, she is back as a khal’s widow and Khal Jaqo is hellbent on returning her to the widows of Dosh Khaleen. Time and time again, Dany’s story comes to a standstill where we are left wondering, “Will she eventually reach Westeros in time to unleash some dracarys on the White Walkers?” Come to think of it, it’s bee a while since I heard her say dracarys. Also, I think it’s interesting that Drogo was differentiated as a great khal, not just a khal. He wasn’t just some badass horselord with a powerful army, he was the badass horselord with a powerful army. You can suck it, Khal Jaqo. 😛

As for her reaching Westeros, I’m just hoping they’ll speed it up and have Dany fly to The Wall on Drogon’s back and spout dragonfire on the ice zombie horde of the Night King’s eerie four horsemen.

Traitors hang

Gam of Thrones season 6 episode 3

It must not have been an easy decision for Jon, to hang his first officers. More so, to hang his orphaned friend/steward Olly. But as he learned early on, a stern lesson from Ned Stark, traitors must may the price and whoever passes the sentence must swing the sword. Though Alliser, Yarwick, Olly, etc. are sentenced to hang, it is still Jon’s Valyrian steel Longclaw who cuts the hanging rope that will condemn the traitors forever.

Ultimately, Jon’s death must have been a catalyst in his decision to leave the Nights Watch. After revealing to Melisandre and Ser Davos that “there was nothing at all” on the other side, knowing that must have prompted him to live his life more fully. This is of course building up to the long-implied Bastard vs Bastard showdown for Winterfell. I will be sorely dissapointed if Ramsay wins that one. 😀




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