Things To Do That Don’t Make Sense But Will Eventually

I slept last night with a determination to go for a run in the morning, maybe do some crunches and work on my squats. I woke up this morning at 7am, with drool on my pillow and a huge craving for vanilla donuts. If discipline could be bought, I’d buy it in bulk.

After nibbling my way through breakfast, I realized that my to-do list everyday doesn’t cover much. In an alternate universe where I made better choices, I’d probably be working on my 3rd novel after doing some volunteer work at a local shelter. In this one, I’m staring at the ceiling making a mental list of what I SHOULD be doing, though they don’t make sense at the moment:

  1. Wink at pigeons.
  2. Leave my favorite book at a public place (like a coffee shop) and trust that someone will find and appreciate it.
  3. Hug a tree or gather the fallen leaves and smell them.
  4. Figure out why puppies have the best eyes in the world.
  5. Drink herbal tea and not wince.
  6. Learn to eat vegetables.
  7. Understand why vegetables don’t taste like bacon.
  8. Watch a really horrible movie and still appreciate the effort in the director’s chair.
  9. Feed some homeless cats and dogs.
  10. Smile at a random stranger in a public place (it might just be the only light in his day).
  11. Understand why some people smell bad or can’t shower.
  12. Text a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.
  13. Pick a book randomly at a bookstore and actually finish it.
  14. Put some knives in a backpack in case of a zombie outbreak.
  15. Place some food and photos in that backpack too.
  16. Take a picture of your housekeeper (when was the last time she had her photo taken?)
  17. Choose a random address, call your local flower shop, and have them deliver flowers to the address with a note saying “Cheer up! Everything’s gonna be fine.”
  18. Invent a life hack that will help mom. Like how to keep avocados fresh without a crisper.
  19. Kiss mom because she deserves it.
  20. Smile in the shower.
  21. Smile while you’re pooping too.

I’m starting to drift off because it’s nearly 11, which means it’s almost time for the midseason finale of TWD. Are you guys excited? Anyhoo, these stuff don’t really make sense which means I don’t actually have to do them. But they sound pretty good and cute, so I probably will. Lemme know if you decide to do some of these too.




One thought on “Things To Do That Don’t Make Sense But Will Eventually

  1. Lol I like your list. I’ve been working on 6 since I’m in my 20s I think it’s best I start eating vegetables before something bad happens. Steaming them a little helps. I try 1 too. That might be better than running after them to see them fly away.

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