Murder Awards: Hannibal

It still pains me to say that Hannibal has been cancelled and we’ve yet to receive news of a confirmation for season 4. I have hopes that the series will be picked up by other TV networks, Netflix perhaps, to continue Bryan Fuller’s ingenious adaptation of Thomas Harris’ much-acclaimed Hannibal saga.

But while the news of a sudden cancellation has shocked fans, its satisfying that Fuller has decided to end the season with a literal “plunge into the unknown” involving two of our main characters, Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter. The episode couldn’t have ended on a better (or bloodier) note. Here’s to the most intelligent, riveting, and sensually macabre TV show ever, Hannibal.

Slowest Death

Abel Gideon Hannibal

Winner: Abel Gideon

Has anybody ever indulged in a slow painless death while going through sumptuous courses of their own severed limbs? Abel Gideon has had to endure snarky banter and intelligent, albeit downright laughable, puns about cannibalism all while having to eat portions of his own liver, hamstrings and sirloins, arm fat, and who knows what else. Even more disturbing was the fact that the dishes involving Abel Gideon’s parts were certainly one of the most colorful and delectable.

Most Bloody Murder

Francis Dolarhyde Hannibal

Winner: Francis Dolarhyde

In a stunning turning point, the Red Dragon ended up in a brutal and bloody threesome with Will and Hannibal, culminating in one of the most bloody murder scenes to date—repeated stabbings, bites, punches, kicks, slashings. Richard Armitage was a formidably built murderer and he was one tough bastard to kill, but with the combined killing force of Hannibal and Will, they destroyed the dragon for good. And then they embraced in a hug, which was weird.

Most Creative Murders

Hannibal takes the cake with most creative murders in television history, there’s no doubt about that. And while we can name 5 unique murder scenes from every season, here are the ones that truly stood out for me.

Winner # 1: The Tree Man


“Paved a parking lot and put up a paradise” – the tree man was certainly the most colorful victim in the show, with cherry vines, vibrant flower blooms, and poisonous but brilliant plants shooting forth from various parts of his body. He looks like something from a painting, except he’s dead and his organs have been eaten.

Winner # 2: The Judge


Balancing his own heart and brain on a weighing scale, this unfortunate victim is a gross representation of the eternal battle between the mind and the emotion, between intellect and passion. If I grew up differently and became a psycho vigilante, this is how I would present the victims of my karmic justice.

Winner # 3: Beverly Katz Glass Slides


In one of the most shocking turnarounds, Beverly Katz’s near-capture of Dr.Lecter produced one of the most disturbing deaths in the show. As a macabre irony of Beverly being a forensics expert, Lecter placed her filleted body on giant glass slides, making her look like an anatomy display at a museum. Jack Crawford’s reaction at seeing his colleague? Also disturbing and sad.

Winner # 4: Giant Eye


Majority of the murders in Hannibal involve one body/person at a time, the glaring exception being the silo bodies in the cornfield. In a bid to attract God, the killer opted to murder multiple victims across a spectrum of skin colors to simulate the human eye, on a bigger scale of course. From a perspective, its certainly creative. But upon looking closely, you’ll see (sorry for the pun) that it’s no pretty way to display a dead human body.

Saddest Death


Winner: Bella Crawford

Since we saw Bella in season 1, we couldn’t help but relate and be sympathetic about her battle with cancer. She detested pity and weakness and she also feared the unknown concept of death. It’s something we all relate to. When Jack decides to take matters into his own hands and induce Bella with an overdose of morphine (or so I’m assuming), it’s no longer shocking but simply a very sad and somehow romantic moment.

Most Creative Murder Scene


Winner: Human Heart, Literally

This is ABSOLUTELY the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen on TV. At first, it just seemed like a bigger version of the human heart. But upon Will’s closer inspection, we realize that it’s a human body that has been skinned, twisted, and contorted to form an anatomically correct heart. Coupled with Will’s imagination, and the literal human heart suddenly spouts horned limbs and starts stumbling forward. Of course, credits to our favorite cannibalistic doctor for coming up with this brilliant murder scene.

Most Brutal Near Death Experience


Winner: Frederick Chilton

Vicious bastards are hard to kill, so they say. But did Frederick Chilton really deserve all the unfortunate things that happened to him? He wasn’t all that bad, you guys. Okay so first, part of his kidney and liver were removed by Hannibal because the latter got hungry or something. Second, he got shot in the face by a traumatized Miriam Lass, shattering his jaw, cheekbones, and blinding one of his eyes. Third, after being kidnapped by Francis Dolarhyde, his lips got chewed off by the Red Dragon and then he was burned to a crisp and shoved face first into a fountain. But you just couldn’t die, could you Frederick? Damn!

Being a TV show that is filled to the brim with murders and psychos and serial killers and forensics experts, it’s not surprising that Hannibal also takes the cake when it comes to the most gruesome murders and kills ever seen on TV. If you’ve got something to add or think some character/victim deserves his own award, just lemme know in the comments.

Watch out for my TV awards in Game of Thrones (which is coming soon as soon as I’m done… procrastinating) 😀


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