Of Women and Becoming One: An Essay

The first time I saw Bruce Jenner’s image on Vanity Fair, I found it profoundly disturbing, and not in the least related to the fact that the words “Call me Caitlyn” was plastered on it. Bru…er, Caitlyn, is all dolled up wearing hair extensions and a tight tight corset, emphasizing newly-sculpted jaws, estrogen-enhanced boobs, and a pinned-back crotch. Using photoshop, some silicon pads, and a lot of foundation, you’re now looking at a 65-year old man made to look like some sorority college girl. But appearing to be the exact opposite of it.

     “He looks like a man succumbing to the grandeur narcissism that most uncultured imbeciles of our generation have.”

He resembles not that of a genuine woman, but one that liberals and millenials consider acceptable in front page covers of magazines—hidden under layers of foundation, fake eye lashes, slashed and shaved jawlines, a cleavage pushed up to the neck, and airbrushed down to the cellular level. “Call me Caitlyn” is what it says and Bruce promotes the front cover on social media saying, “I can’t wait for the world to meet her.” He’s actually speaking of “Caitlyn” in the third person, like an aging schizophrenic.

I’m curious whether or not he’ll come to regret his decision, like I’ve heard so many transgenders do so. And before you roll your eyes at me and call me a homophobe or bigot, I’m actually the farthest thing from it. I grew up with three bestfriends who were openly gay and we celebrated their enthusiasm for life, their unwavering excitement and frivolity for everything. We never had the concept of bullying homosexuals because, quite the contrary in our province, we accepted them and didn’t draw them to be outcasts.

Regarding Bruce turning into Caitlyn, will he regret his decision to completely transform into what he believes is the image of a woman? Gone is Bruce Jenner, husband and father to 10 (or is it 11) children, 5 of whom are actually his. Personally, I find it a selfish decision to completely transition to another gender when, in fact, he still has growing kids and grandkids who will struggle when they lose their “father” image.

“I find it a selfish decision to completely transition to another gender.”

Practically the whole world is raving about how “brave” he is, even the White House joined in on the fad. Hollywood icons admire his decision and call it “heroic” , “beautiful” or something. Isn’t it ironic that for someone to be his “authentic true self”, as Bruce likes to call it, he has resort to digital and cosmetic enhancements just to achieve some shallow imitation of what a “woman” supposedly looks like?

Apparently, the whole trend for Dove commercials supporting “natural beauty” just went out the window. Why are we allowed to lambast women and models who use photoshop airbrushing and liters of foundation and fake boobs when, in fact, Bruce did a “brave” thing by owning his true identity via those same enhancements? Isn’t it unfair that transgenders get to undergo surgery and then be called brave, while women who go through cosmetic enhancements are called sluts and fake? Aren’t they just both mutilating their bodies and identities?

“Greek philosophers probably never imagined a dystopian society where people are so self-obsessed, conceited and bored that they can snap their fingers and rearrange or reprogram their souls and identities from scratch.”

With Bruce claiming that he is now Caitlyn, should be called a she, and had a female brain all along, then is it also alright for me to cover myself in green goo, stick my tongue out every now and then and become a lizard?

Is that insulting? I’m truly sorry. I don’t mean to give offense to transgenders or homosexuals, I know the kind of struggles you go through and don’t mean to belittle your identities. My only goal in writing this, is that, why was Bruce’s transformation made into such a big deal?

A 65-year old man turning into a woman is now being marketed and promoted like it’s the cure for cancer, complete with a front cover, an exclusive talk show, a behind the scenes transformation, and a docuseries documenting the whole documentation. Matt Walsh goes so far as to say “We have not only made the self mutable, we’ve also commoditized it and turned it into a spectacle to be sold for profit.”

And again with the Greek philosophers, what would they think of our society? A society that finds it easy to mutilate and distance ourselves from our identities to the point that even our souls are being reconstructed.

Bruce, regardless of whether he calls himself Caitlyn, can never be a woman. He can only showcase an imitation of society’s perception of a woman, but he will never be one.

Wait, so why am I still talking?


One thought on “Of Women and Becoming One: An Essay

  1. You’ve presented a lot of the opinions I had when the news blew up, especially about double standard on plastic surgery. I was upset that he received so much recognition and even an award (so I heard) when there are people who’ve undergone similar transformations without any support, who are actually trying their best to be brave and express who they are in communities that aren’t accepting of gays. What makes him deserving of such recognition and not others who’ve done something similar?

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