Game of Thrones season 5 Unbowed Unbent Unbroken

Sansa “Rape” Scene Explained: Don’t Get Your Knickers in a Twist

Okay, I’m not even going to pretend I’m going to give up on the show, because I’ll be back every Sunday. All those people who’ve said they’re done with Game of Thrones after Ned’s head got cut off, after Oberyn’s skull got crushed, after Robb and the Northmen were butchered by the Frey’s ilk, YOU’RE LYING!

I’ve read Game of Thrones back in high school, read Clash of Kings again in college and finished until a A Dance with Dragons before graduating college, I’m a huge huge fan of A Song of Ice and Fire, obvs. I think 70% of my blog is dedicated to that fandom. But, as big of a fan as I am, I’m not one of those geeky readers who go batshit crazy every time Game of Thrones deviates from the source material.

That is, until now.

Sansa Is Becoming Jeyne? Where Is This Going?

Game of Thrones season 5 Unbowed Unbent Unbroken

From season 2 until 4, we watched Sansa endure humiliation, torture, and abuse. Her escape on Kingslanding and newfound tutelage under Petyr Baelish, Westeros’ most skillful game of Thrones player, gave us a small glimmer of hope that she’s done with being a pawn and will make some moves of her own. We were given some false bait that Sansa, now stronger and older, will exact some form of retribution for the Starks. Weren’t we thrilled to hear the ominous and long overdue “the North remembers”. Apparently, they forgot.

By episode 2, we realized that Sansa and Littlefinger were on their way to Winterfell, currently being used by House Bolton as their stronghold. This was the point when we started saying, “Wait wait wait, what is happening? Where is her story going?” And come time when Baelish left Sansa at Winterfell, encouraging her that she’s learned how to manipulate now, we were on tenterhooks to see what Sansa’s fate is going to be at Winterfell now that she’s to marry Ramsay Bolton.

In the books, Sansa stays at The Eyrie and basically babysits Robyn Arryn. Jeyne Poole, by way of Theon’s POV, is presented as the fake Arya Stark and is wed to Ramsay. I’m not even going to go into detail but the level of sexual abuse that girl endures is something that should never make it onscreen.

Now what happens in the tv show? They got rid of the whole Jeyne storyline and replaced her with Sansa. Am I surprised? HELLS YEAH! Am I mad? Not really.

The TV show has become a weird but still acceptable fan fiction of A Song of Ice and Fire basically. They’re trying to give some shock factor for both readers and non-readers, a huge risk which inevitably results to a lot of protests from book loyalists. I get that they’re trying to make Sansa’s character so much more than just Robyn’s babysitter, but all of that character development and story arc from past seasons will be for nothing if she still doesn’t get some retribution in the succeeding episodes.

We could argue about the “rape” scene the entire day, whether she knew what she was signing up for the moment she said “I’ll take him” or not, but Sansa’s development may tread into the whole marriage-manipulation thing. It’s a medieval technique: the abused wife learns how to manipulate the husband. I’m definitely hoping this is where her story is headed, otherwise I’d be really confused and disappointed. Again, what was the point of all the character development and turning into a better “player” if she’s still going to let people abuse her?

Sansa’s storyline should come full circle, perhaps resulting in one (or two?) dead Boltons. Here’s hoping.


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