goku vs kenshin vs naruto

Who Would Win? Fictional Battles of Fictional Characters

If you watched the recent The Flash season 1 episode 8 “Flash vs Arrow”, you might have totally geeked out, although the finale was somewhat underwhelming. And if you also follow me on Twitter, you know that I went batsh*t crazy about The Flash. It’s not completely mindblowing, but it’s got enough fanboy antics to get me all riled up for more superhero crossovers.

And it got me thinking, what if Optimus Prime would battle the Power Rangers? Or Hercules versus Conan? Fictional as they may seem, it’s so cool if these characters would fight one another and see who’d come out the victor. Are you ready for my first batch of fighters?

1. Achilles vs Maximus vs Leonidas

achilles vs maximus vs leonidas

Achilles – a renowned Greek fighter and general; has impressive battle skills and agility

Leonidas – a Spartan king and warrior; has battle tactics and strength

Maximus – a Roman general-turned-gladiator; has field battle experience

In this one, Maximus Decimus Meridius would be the first to fall because his Roman training isn’t up to par with Leonidas’ intense fighting skills and Achilles’ agility and killer instincts. Leonidas’ vulnerability would be his armor, or lack thereof. Achilles can easily outmaneuver the Spartan King and use his spear or short sword to deliver a fatal blow. Plus, Achilles can throw a spear at a distance and still hit his target with ease, so he might use this skill. Leonidas won’t go down without a fight, obviously, so he’d probably leave Achilles with a major wound. Not fatal, but major. Still, Achilles would best Leonidas no doubt.

Think I’m wrong? Cast your vote!


2.  Darth Vader vs Thranduil vs Oberyn Martell

vader vs thranduil vs oberyn

Darth Vader – highly skilled Jedi-turned-evil-Sith; has insane lightsaber skills and telekenesis

Thranduil – king of the woodland elves; skilled in the longbow and a fair marksman, also knows some bit of magic

Oberyn Martell – a prince of Dorne; has impressive skills in longspear and uses poison

Although he’s an incredibly skilled warrior, Oberyn would go down against a battle with Thranduil and Darth Vader. Vader’s lightsaber could easily overpower the Viper’s spears or swords and Thranduil would just have to use his longbow to bring down Oberyn, probably. Thranduil could be immune to Vader’s telekenesis and he’s arguably taller so he can easily target Vader. But with the Sith lord’s mad jedi skills, he’d outrank Thranduil pretty soon.


3. Drogon vs Smaug vs Toothless

drogon vs smaug vs toothless

Drogon – one of three Targaryen dragons in Got; has immense size, strength, possesses a very powerful dragonfire

Smaug – a sentient dragon; has immense size and tough armor, impressive dragonfire

Toothless – an Alpha dragon of vikings; super adorable, impressive fire power and agility

Although I’d like to think Toothless can charm his way through this battle, he’d probably lose to Drogon and Smaug early on. Aside from his small size compared to the older dragons, Toothless’ body armor is more vulnerable to claws and fire attack compared to Drogon and Smaug’s ultra tough exterior. Between Drogon and Smaug, I’ll still go with Drogon (I posted like 2 articles about them and got haters for it, teehee 😀 ). Drogon is a beast that, when unleashed, will certainly bring down sentient greedy dragons. And comparably, their strength and agility is nearly equal. I’m going to wager with savagery and killer instincts so Drogon wins this one.


4. Goku vs Himura Kenshin vs Naruto

goku vs kenshin vs naruto

Is there even a question as to who would win? Of course Goku would win and beat the other two to a pulp. He could just go super saiyan level 2 and he could destroy the Earth, or maybe just a huge landmass and simultaneously destroy battosai and the ninja. 😀 Go, Goku!


5. Batman vs Superman vs The Flash

batman vs superman vs flash

Batman – very intelligent and rich superhero; good hand-to-hand combat skills

Superman – alien from Krypton; superhuman speed and strength, harnesses the power of the sun, invulnerable to cold and heat

Flash – nerdy investigator-slash-superhero; fastest human alive, can travel faster than the speed of sound and “almost” to the speed of light, runs fast enough to create a wormhole and time travel

This is a tough one, seriously. Although you’d say Batman would be defeated instantly by the other two, remember that he’s incredibly resourceful and knows every little weakness of the two. He could exploit them. However, if we’re exclusively talking about superhuman abilities, Bats would fall. Between Superman and Flash, I’m thinking Flash could match Supes’ strength by running so fast he increases his mass and strength to a millionth, exponentially. By then, he’d be able to use kryptonite against Superman and leave him vulnerable. Or, Superman could use zero temperature against Flash. I really dunno who’d win between the two, SRSLY 😛


Do you guys agree with my battle scenarios? I’m sure you don’t, which is why I’d love to hear it in the comments. But please, no insults or undermining the writer (me 😀 ). This is just some friendly argument, no need for trash talk. Okay? Hit it!


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