Singapore: Day 01

I think I took too many pictures. Whoops! 😀

We’ve been anticipating this trip for months so you can just imagine my excitement building up before the flight. I also get “kilig” on airplane flights. I’ve always fancied I’d make a good fighter pilot. #LOL

I was blown away at Changi International Airport, declared as World’s Best Airport for more than 5 years now. Their airport is better than our best shopping malls here in the Philippines, which is kinda sad. We checked in at Victoria Hotel at Victoria Rd, right smack in the middle of the city. Our first stop was Fort Canning Park, one of Singapore’s beautifully developed and maintained parks, named so for its heritage and archaeological merit.


Fort Canning Park Singapore

We had brunch at The Glass House, one of the restaurants inside Hotel Fort Canning. The food was delish!

chicken and bacon panini Singapore


Then we hightailed our way to the National Museum of Singapore, which was breathtaking and impressive to say the least.

putting my photography ninja skills to practice

We walked around the city for around 2 hours, taking pictures of the churches and basically getting envious of the organized traffic in Singapore. tears. We stopped by Raffles Hotel, one of Singapore’s oldest and most expensive hotels, for a bite. This hotel was named after the founder of modern Singapore, Stamford Raffles. Its colonial style architecture, which has been preserved beautifully, makes it one of the most iconic luxury hotels in the country.

Their alfresco restaurant faces a quadrangle area, surrounded by luxury brands like Rolex and Cartier. The food is superb and the service even more so.

Of course, no trip to Singapore would be complete without heading to Clark Quay for a stunning view of Marina Bay Sands, the Esplanade Theatre, and the Singapore Merlion overlooking the river.

I fell completely in love with Singapore just on Day 01. I reckon I’ll be proposing by the end of this trip. 😀


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