career advise

Career Advice Nobody Wants to Hear

Just one of the many reasons I’m hating fashion bloggers is their seemingly endless travels and shopping trips that I almost can’t imagine anyone without a job even having that kind of access to endless mooch. Are they selling black market babies or something? Oh wait, they’re rich kids of rich parents who can afford to send their rich non-kids to trips abroad so they can blog about it endlessly and make people jealous…

For the common people like us, travelling or let alone living, is much harder. Every single digit in our paycheck has to be meticulously allotted. And even then, I’m just a step away from robbing a bank because prison food is free. The basics of life is work hard, stay broke, work harder, stay broke anyway.

1. You Need To Be More Patient (No Duh!)

We all go through a humiliating series of years trying to progress in a career we’re not actually making any progress in. Entry level jobs are more covered in shit than we’d like to admit, and we carry all that shit stain with us through the years-long grueling process of making a mark in a bullshit job before you’re finally rewarded for something. If you’re lucky.

We’ve all been that person who passed the opportunity to be an admin assistant at a company that sells lotions and whitening soap, all because you’re “a highly educated person and deserve more”. Meanwhile, the person that was hired for that job you rejected is now the regional sales director and is earning your year’s worth of salary on a monthly basis.

We’ve all overlooked that one job and because one person in the same field had more ounce of patience than you, he’s now sitting comfortably in his office while you’re scrolling through jobs at Mynimo.

2. Learn to Walk Away

Your boss wants you to make a speech, finish writing 3 PR articles, and create a digital manual by the end of the day. Your colleagues need input on stuff they should be able to do on their own. Your friends are asking for money. Your apartment hasn’t been cleaned in more than a week because all you do is sleep work repeat.

The main difference between success and failure is balancing between the mad gangbang of deadlines coming your way. Don’t even try to schedule your activities down to the last minute—do the opposite, adjust your tasks and get everything done on time.

Are you doing the first thing that needs to be finished or are you working on the task you find less tedious? If you just spent an hour scrolling through 9gag, are you sure there’s nothing else on your to-do list you should be doing? Successful professionals know how to be busy because they know how to walk away from time consuming bullshit.

3. Make Things Happen

The universe isn’t going to serve you success on a platter. You can’t hope to have a 6-digit salary without doing jack shit about it.

Every day you put off a job search or an extra unit of business course is another day that you’re saying “no” to a future.  Professionals and experts don’t become professionals and experts without starting off as amateurs.

This is it right now. Now is your chance to make things happen, walk away from a shitty job, and find something that pays the bills and leaves you fulfilled at the end of the day.

Or maybe just something that pays the bills.


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