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Wrong Career or Just Mid-Life Crisis?

You’re already suspecting that you’re stuck in a piss poor job. It pays the bills, yes, but not enough to get you life savings or prepare you for a future that involves diapers and kindergarten tuition. You’re also wondering if it’s just mid-life crisis; that point in your life when you’re questioning everything, literally EVERYTHING.

So where do you draw the line?

When you’re weighing the odds between salary and career growth, which is more important? Arguably, your brain immediately calculates your income as having the distinct advantage. Whatever is offered on the table, you add up what’s left after taxes and benefits and bills, counting whether or not you’ll be able to save money for a brand new furniture or maybe a second hand car. After all, you’re nearing 25. You need an investment.

Then again, it starts to sink on you. The job description sounds fancy, even the office looks tempting with its brand new polished floors and walls and freshly painted condominium units. But what really matters is this: DO YOU LIKE THE JOB?

Is the work shift amicable to the kind of lifestyle you enjoy? Does it fit with your career projection for the future? Would you enjoy the daily tasks and projects assigned to you even after 5 or 10 years from now? It’s tempting to “just” look at the salary, but what’s essential, perhaps, is your attitude and acceptance of the job.

If you enjoy it, then congratulations! Finding a job that you enjoy means that you don’t have to work a day in your life.

Me? I’m still torn. Let’s see what’ll happen.


6 thoughts on “Wrong Career or Just Mid-Life Crisis?

  1. The REAL issue is confusing a job with a career and then wondering why we feel stuck in a “piss poor job”. Jobs are fine. We all will have them. But if we’re just focusing on a job and the salary that comes with, we’ll never be satisfied, content … happy. It’s building the career and one we actually want that we begin to free from a job description.

    1. It’s just sad that most of us don’t end up with our “dream” job, work that we really enjoy. Most lawyers didn’t want to be lawyers, some wanted to be a poet or a dancer or jazz musician; sadly those jobs don’t pay the bills or bring a future for a family. So there ya go.. 😦

      1. In your opinion, why do so many of us fail to obtain our dream job? Do we lack ambition and drive? Do we not know the right people? Did we major in the wrong fields of study? Is it the economy? Pressure from family to pursue a “normal” job?

      2. hmm.. all of those and more, probably. Personally, I didn’t get the “dream” job because I majored in the wrong field and I was pressured to pursue a white collar job, something that falls behind the 9-5 mon-fri scheme.

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