The Watchers on the Wall - Game of Thrones season 4 episode 9

The Watchers on the Wall – Game of Throne Season 4 Episode 9

Wildlings are coming! In true Battle of Blackwater fashion, this episode is dedicated to just one setting, The Wall. We’ve seemingly concluded some story lines from the last episode, so now it’s time to check in on our brooding hero, Jon Snow, and our King Beyond the Wall,  Mance Rayder.

Applause and credits should go to director Neil Marshall. He gave this episode such fantastic battle sequences, inspired panoramic shots, and terrific character-to-character moments. Here’s what happened…

Mammoths and giants and wildlings

The Watchers on the Wall - Game of Thrones season 4 episode 9

With beautiful transitions from panoramic shots to closeup, we welcome the giants from North of the Wall and their furry pet mammoths. Its fantastic how gritty the reality of this show can be, while still showcasing some magical elements like dragons and giants. It was a super awesome sequence when one of the giants rammed on the steel gate to get to the tunnel. Things didn’t bode too well for Grenn, but it was still awesome.

The Watchers on the Wall - Game of Thrones season 4 episode 9

Alliser is a douche, and Slynt is a cowardly douche

We can say a lot of things about Ser Alliser Thorne. Okay, maybe not a lot. But at least we can say he’s not a coward. He stood his ground as acting Lord Commander, gave conviction as a soldier of the Night’s watch, and defended the Wall to his last breath. Janos Slynt? Well, let’s just say a scared shitless girl with daddy issues, guarding an infant and holding a frozen pork leg, is TEN TIMES BRAVER than he is. #lol #farewellAlliser #farewellJanos #nopenotreally

Other honorable mentions should go to Grenn, who did his best to hold the tunnel, and Pyp, who said he couldn’t kill a hundred wildlings but he at least tried. #farewellyouguys

Jon Snow is a fantastic leader

We’ve seen Jon in season 1 to 2 as this sort of meek brooding boy who was always second to his brother, Robb, simply because they had different mothers. He took a place in The Wall because he knew Winterfell was no place for a bastard. Then, we see him belittled somewhat when he was assigned to the stewards instead of the rangers, despite being the best swordsman among the recruits.

The Watchers on the Wall - Game of Thrones season 4 episode 9

Now, Jon has discovered his true potential by taking on the reins of Jeor Mormont and Alliser Thorne. He leads the battle through careful attack strategies and holds the Wall for however long the Nights Watch could. I applaud you for now, Jun Snuh.

Wildlings South of the Wall

Tormund Giantsbane and his band of cannibalistic bald Thenns plus a few random wildlings attack from the South Gate of Castle Black. This brings Tormund, Ygritte, and that creepy bald Thenn right in the action and I have to say, Tormund is a GIANT FOOKIN BADASS! He’s like Boromir, but with more curse words. It takes at least three huge arrows to take him down, and even then he can still carve through soldiers like a piece of cake.

Ygritte is also still holding a grudge against Snow for, ya know, leaving her and betraying her and blah blah blah. Hell hath no fury indeed, except she doesn’t take her anger out on Jon Snow. Taking cues from Legolas Greenleaf aka the moon moon of LOTR, she takes down as many enemies as she can in as little draws as she can. #badassgurl

Unfortunately for her, revenge is a bitch. Remember that random farm boy who’s dad Ygritte killed? Yeah, he got even. Karma, bitch!

The Watchers on the Wall - Game of Thrones season 4 episode 9

Oh, and poor Jun Snuh. You can’t go back to that cave now. #doesntmatterhadsex

This was a full 50 minutes of total film mastery. The scenes were perfectly edited so that they easily transitioned from intense and gripping battle scenes, quiet character moments, gritty solo battle rounds, and beautiful panoramic shots.

Next week…

What will happen to Jon Snow in Mance Rayder’s camp? Will he succeed in negotiating a truce between the wildling folk and the Nights Watch? Who will step forward as 998th Lord Commander? Is the Battle at the Wall truly lost because of Mance’s strength in numbers?

Let’s find out next week in “The Children” 😀


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