annoying things at coffee shops

5 Annoying Things People Do at Coffee Shops

We’ve all been there. We’ve visited Bo’s Coffee or Sprockets countless of times, only to see those annoying group of teens who all use the wifi but only pay for one coffee drink, or that person occupying a table for 6 and refuses to share. Yep, we’ve all seen our fair share of these annoying people.

1. The Pocket Wifi

Buys only one coffee drink, asks for the password, and shares it to all 7 of his friends who ordered nothing. Yes, it’s good to share. But not when you’re hogging all the wifi and the people who actually paid for it are getting low bandwidth.

2. The Bored

Orders only one iced choco hazelnut milkshake and stays for 8 hours straight. Order a bagel or a pretzel, you weirdo.

3. The Walking DJ

Doesn’t use a headphone, but blasts his Lenovo speakers with “Just Give Me a Reason”. Seriously, dude, BUY EARPHONES!

4. The Octopus

Alone at the cafe, but sits in the couches and refuses to give up the table. That’s okay, maybe, but when groups come in and they’re obviously in need of the table, be gracious enough to transfer to the good-for-2 seats. Gawd!

5. The Hogger

Plugs in his laptop, his mobile phone, and his tablet, hogging all the available outlets. Dude, charge your devices at home. If you must plug in your device, limit your charging to an hour or two then give up the sockets, you moron. Other people might want to charge their phones. Be considerate.

I’m not preaching or anything. But from what I’ve observed, maybe it’s time to voice out these unspoken rules of etiquette. After all, coffee shops are the modern day night clubs. Let’s all enjoy our time sipping latte’s and be aware of what might be annoying to others. 😀


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