Mockingbird Game of Thrones

Mockingbird – Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7

The dramatic tug of war between powerful Houses in Westeros continues, even as seemingly insignificant but formidable characters rise to the top. What’s more, the skewed morals about family, love, and revenge spiral into an even crazier direction. What are we to expect in Mockingbird?

Friendzoned men get their revenge

The most formidable player in the game for the Iron Throne has to be Littlefinger who, after years of plotting, is now one of the most powerful men in the Seven Kingdoms. He owns Harrenhal and its vassals, he is wed to Lady Lysa Arryn (widow of Jon Arryn), the ward of Sansa Stark who is heir to Winterfell and the North as well as Robin Arryn who is heir to The Vale.

Plus, he is batshit creepy, patient, and vicious. Petyr Baelish may not have won Catelyn’s heart, but he’ll be damned if he can’t have her daughter. Yeesh! When he said, “I’ve only loved one woman, I promise you. Your sister.” right before killing Loony Lysa? This man is diabolical.

Mockingbird Game of Thrones

BREAKING NEWS FROM THE EYRIE… That slap was amazeballs! 😀

Bronn and Lollys sittin’ in a tree… K-I-S-S-I-N-G

One of the biggest and most welcome change from the books is the enhanced dynamism between Bronn and Tyrion. These two could take on the world with just practicality, wits, and a truck load of booze. Seriously!

But therein lies the problem: Bronn is too pragmatic to stand as Tyrion’s champion against the Mountain. He’d rather take Lollys Stokeworth as wife, a girl who’d been raped by hundreds during “the riot of Kings Landing”, and later on plot to kill her older sister so he could inherit Castle Stokeworth. Bravo, Bronn! I’d applaud you if I didn’t want to punch you. But in Bronn’s defense, the Mountain is a scary dude. He’s like Goliath in the Bible, and Bronn ain’t no David.

Hello again, Hot Pie!

Oh Hot Pie, you pudgy, blubbery, curly little mess! 😀 As much as we missed Hot Pie, we can’t help but say “Woohoo” once Brienne learns that Arya is alive and immediately makes her way for the Eyrie. I’m not really setting my hopes up because George R.R. Martin, but still.

Dying is thirsty work

Speaking of Arya, she and the Hound get more awesome moments together, this time helping an old dying man meet his death quicker. It’s a pragmatic moment between the three characters, with careful nuances about death and the meaning of life. It’s a nice implication that Arya recognizes death as nothingness, instead of peace. Here, we come to understand why she’d rather avenge her family’s death than follow them to their graves. Yes yes, they’re not all dead. But do you realize how awful that world is for so young a girl?

Mockingbird Game of Thrones

Also, we meet Rorge again, not that it matters because Arya quickly stabs him cleanly with Needle. It’s amazing how this young girl so quickly gets used to killing without blinking or hesitating. I love the Arya assassin and I’m sure I’ll love her even more in season 5 and 6.

Next week…

What are the consequences of Lysa Arryn’s murder? Will Arya and the Hound reach the Vale and see Sansa for the first time? Will Oberyn Martell win against the Mountain, thus freeing Tyrion Lannister from being found guilty of regicide? Will Dany’s storyline ever pickup again? #iKid

Let’s find out what happens next week in “The Mountain and the Viper” 😀


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