Oathkeeper Game of Thrones

Oathkeeper – Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 4

Things are swerving off in every direction and we’re still just into episode 4. Benioff and Weiss are definitely staying true to their words that this season won’t just have a “penultimate 9th episode” but almost every Sunday we’ll be shown gripping new events and impressive character development that will make us fall in love with the show even more.

Missandei’s English Communication 101

I’m definitely enjoying the tension and sparks flying between Missandei and Grey Worm. They both have tales of woe: horrible childhood, lost families, life of slavery, rescued by silver-haired queen, you know the drill. It’s a very intimate scene seeing the two of them eye to eye, sharing what little they remember about their childhood and learning the language at the same time.

Meanwhile, slaves are having a Slaves Anonymous sort of soiree in the sewers, trying to gauge whether they should revolt or not. When you’ve been a slave all your life, seen the brutal consequences of defying your masters, and never tasted but an idea of freedom, it’s harder to convince yourself that there’s something more than chains and servitude.

It falls to Grey Worm and his band of Unsullied to sneak into the sewers, smuggle some weapons into the city, and urge the slaves to revolt against the Meereenese. For the first time in the show, we see the Targaryen banner in all its glory atop a pyramid and obscuring a Harpy statue. “Kill the masters.” is vandalized on the city and, soon, the slaves rise up, take over their masters, and break their slave collars, calling Daenerys their “Mhysa”.

Oathkeeper Game of Thrones

What happens to the Masters who weren’t killed in the revolt? Justice is served: they’re crucified and nailed on posts, left to die and rot like they did to those poor children. #neverforget

The King Slayer Brothers

Aside from the fact that this would really make a great name for a rock band, Tyrion and Jaime have a nice bonding sesh in his prison cell. They’re the “king slayer brothers” as Tyrion calls it, though he effectively convinces Jaime that he didn’t kill Joff.

It’s interesting to see a more developed bond between these two Lannister boys. Jaime has always protected Tyrion and considered him a brother, defending him however foolishly that decision may be (remember when Jaime started a street brawl with Ned Stark when Cat captured Tyrion? 😀 ). As for Tyrion, he’s always respected Jaime and looked to him for protection. We can’t fully predict how their dynamic will turn out, but we definitely know that it might now have a happy ending.

“You’re really asking if I killed your son?”, says Tyrion. And Jaime’s reply, “You’re really asking if I’d kill my brother?” #epic

The Queen of Thorns is good, very good

We’ve known for quite a while that Lady Olenna Tyrell is sharp witted and extremely critical about her own family, but we also know that she’d stop at nothing to protect the Tyrell legacy. As it turns out, she conspired to poison Joffrey at his own wedding to spare her granddaughter the misery of having such a husband.

Earlier, we learn that she seduced her way into gaining a very powerful and rich husband who was originally betrothed to her own sister. Deliberately losing her way into Luthor Tyrell’s bedroom, she left him the next morning unable to walk and utterly besotted at whatever sensual pleasures she gave him the night before.

Following her dear grandmother’s suggestion, Margaery slips into Tommen’s bedroom in the middle of the night. It’s obvious that the new king is uncomfortable in Joffrey’s old room, what with the cruel death of Ros in that very bedchamber. But when Marg slips into his bedside and uses her striking blue eyes to dazzle, Tommen is obviously hooked.

Jon and Locke are new best friends

Is it weird if I’m excited that Locke is on the Wall and obviously trying to befriend Jon? Well, I am. This is a nice little change from the books that will prove interesting as the Wildlings, mutineers, and Nights Watch brothers storyline converge.

Oathkeeper Game of Thrones

We know that Locke was sent from the Dreadfort to hunt the Stark boys (Bran and Rickon) via Jon Snow at Castle Black. It’s a very cunning move by Locke when he chooses to befriend Jon Snow and squeeze info from him instead of kidnapping or torturing him outright. I’m not saying that those methods are off the table, though 😀 Let’s keep in mind that this is the man who cut off Jaime Lannister’s hand because he just wanted to, so things might escalate in that direction too.

Because Jon Snow is getting well liked by the brothers of the Nights Watch, Janos Slynt urges Alliser Thorne to send Jon to Craster’s Keep to deal with the mutineers. They expected that he’d have to go alone because no one would volunteer, but Jon instead rouses the men with a fine speech and was able to gather a group of rangers to deal with the rebels.

Craster’s wives are really REALLY unlucky

Okay, is it just me or are Craster’s wives EXTREMELY unlucky? I mean, most of the common folk in Westeros are unlucky especially with the constant raping, pillaging, looting, thieving, and killing going on in the countryside. But Craster’s Keep broaches a very unfortunate level of wrong for the girls who were unlucky enough to be Craster’s wives.

Not only were they raped, beaten, and somehow enslaved by their own father-husband and grandfather-husband, but when he died and left them unprotected, they end up as sex toys to the depravity of Rast, Karl, and the rest of the mutineers. They’re abused, raped again and again, and imprisoned. Seriously, there’s no one more unfortunate than they.

Ice becomes Oathkeeper

After Cersei’s confrontation with Jaime about honor, loyalty, and family, it’s almost obvious that Jaime wants to repair whatever respect he has for himself by proving honorable to his vow to Catelyn Stark. He sends Brienne from Kings Landing to look for Sansa Stark and protect her with the Valyrian steel sword made from Ned Stark’s Ice. He also gives her a new armor, freshly forged (is it like Renly’s armor? not sure).

Oathkeeper Game of Thrones

It’s definitely a poignant moment for these two characters who journeyed through so much together and discovered a lot about themselves with each other’s help. I almost cried when Brienne whispered what she’ll call the new sword. “Oathkeeper”, she says. #omgicanteven

We also see Podrick Payne, Tyrion’s loyal squire, who will accompany Brienne as her new squire. These are all diverting from the book but I really will not complain because they are awesome changes that give more room for character development and interesting storylines.

Summer and Ghost

North of the Wall, Bran and his band of misfits venture dangerously close to Craster’s Keep. When they hear a baby crying and wailing in the wood, Bran climbs inside Summer’s skin to investigate. As the direwolf, he senses that Ghost is nearby and attempts to come nearer. When Summer is injured and trapped, Bran demands that they not leave without Summer, which resulted in their capture.

You guys, this Karl character is too crazy. Like seriously, the actor’s playing the crazy card a bit too much: the slurred words, the licking of dead men’s skulls, the weird monologues, and so on. I know that it’s meant to show that he’s a sick sick bastard, but it’s kinda too much.

Oathkeeper Game of Thrones

Anyway, I’m almost positive that things won’t end up well for this group of rebels. When you abuse and cruelly taunt a giant (NOOOOOOO, HODOR! DON’T HURT HODOOOOOOR! 😦 ) for no reason at all and capture a crippled boy, the gods will have their justice.


The Land of Always Winter

It’s the first time that we venture far far north of the Wall and into the Land of Always Winter. The snowy and mountainous landscapes featured at different camera angles are breathtaking. I almost feel cold just by watching snow whizz and howl away at that lone white walker. It’s like Alaska or the North Pole for us, but instead of penguins and Santa Claus, there are White Walkers whose eyes are a startling blue, who are seemingly made of cold, and who are vicious vicious killers.

Oathkeeper Game of Thrones

It’s as I suspected a few years ago. The babies aren’t eaten or sacrificed, but turned into White Walkers themselves. It’s a very cool end to an episode that focused on major character development instead of simply checking in with each of the characters.

Next week…

Will we see more of The Others beyond the Wall? What will happen to Bran now that he’s been captured by the Nights Watch rebels? Will there be more of Littlefinger’s schemes once we see The Vale? Can Brienne and Pod find Sansa in time? What happens now that Daenerys has taken Meereen?

Let’s see what happens next week in “First of His Name” 😀





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