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In Defense of Twilight… No, Seriously

I was an English major who devoured the Twilight books in two weeks. I was supposed to believe in standards, to spurn pop fiction, to adhere to the Oxford comma rule, and to hate Twilight. But I didn’t hate it, I loved it (along with a million other girls around the world, I think 😀 ). Back then, the Twilight hate wasn’t as prickly and heated so I allowed myself to swoon over Edward, to read fan fiction over and over again, and to obsess about Bella’s Diary. Yes, it was a phase 😀

Now, my copy of Eclipse hasn’t seen the light of day, my compilation of downloaded Twilight pictures sits in the Recycle Bin, and I’m one of the people who deny involvement with the books, the author, and the movies.

Why the hate, you guys?

For obvious reasons, everybody hates Bella. She’s weak, she makes stupid decisions, she’s super unaware or unconscious about herself that it’s really annoying.

But hey, she’s a teenager. Weren’t we all stupid and unsure of ourselves when our bodies were overcome with puberty and hormones and algebra homework? Weren’t we all lacking in confidence and weren’t we falling head over heels in love with the devilish brooding men back in highschool? Bella had the characteristics that a lot of girls empathized with. We hated her, but we (in some way) related to what she was going through.

Another loathsome thing about Twilight is the vampire lore, right? I mean, it completely changed the whole stereotype of stake-through-the-heart-burn-in-the-sunlight kind of vampires. We grew up hearing stories of Dracula and Van Helsing and later on with Lestat, Marius, and the rest of Anne Rice’s eternally beautiful damned creatures. But Meyer turned this world upside down with her sparkling vampires and venomous saliva. I mean, WHAAAAAT?

But then, we kinda loved the change. We loved seeing and reading a new version of the vampire lore, however outrageous that may be #sparklingskinisSOgay We enjoyed knowing another universe of vampires and werewolves (okay, shape shifters) and awkward love-struck teens, however much we try to deny it.

Lastly, we hate Twilight because teenage girls love it.

Admit it, perhaps 89% of the people who say Twilight is stupid is because they see teenagers mooning and obsessing about it. As if that’s enough of a reason to hate something. Are we really that critical and distrustful of our own youth that everything they like, including One Direction and Justin Bieber, is considered stupid? Okay, maybe Justin Bieber.

The point is, just because teens scream, moon, and swoon over Twilight doesn’t make it stupid. The plot may be ridiculous, the vampire lore unacceptable, and the characters utterly horrible, but let’s not hate Twilight because teen girls love it.

Okay? 😀


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