Hannibal Yakimono

Yakimono – Hannibal Season 2 Episode 7

Hannibal takes a frighteningly appealing turn as it veers away from Thomas Harris’ cannon, bringing new and old characters into more dangerous territory. It’s every man for himself in “Yakimono” while disturbing revelations shed light on the identity of the Chesapeake Ripper. Let’s see how the dramatic structure of Hannibal keeps up the pace for riveting and suspenseful drama…

“Neither of us are really free…”

Last episode’s cliffhanger revealed that the long-assumed dead FBI trainee Miriam Lass is actually alive albeit missing an arm. That and coupled with the gathered evidence of the FBI acquitted Will of the “copycat crimes”, pointing directly to the Chesapeake Ripper. But the question is, who IS the Chesapeake Ripper?

Hannibal Yakimono

Despite being free from her captor and his release from Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, Miriam and Will know that their ordeal is far from over. “Neither of us are really free,” she says, although her emotional trauma and mental instability goes deeper than they both realize.

Hannibal’s design takes shape

The abandoned shed reveals more than just the living body of Miriam Lass, it’s apparently the “workshop” of the ripper, complete with surgical tools, Beverly’s drained blood, and other macabre accessories considered tasteful by intelligent psychopaths.

Hannibal Yakimono

Jack Crawford assumes that they’re close to catching the true ripper, but Will knows better. He’s aware that all of what’s happened up to this point, including finding Miriam Lass, was by design, was deliberate, and will ultimately lead to a big finale.

Applesauce and co.

Will’s rescued pets, like us, are delighted that he’s back home. We can’t help but “awwwww” when Will Graham smiles his first real smile as his horde of adorable dogs run ecstatically to him. #mustlovedogs

The only person who seems unhappy that he’s free is Alana Bloom, whose concern for Dr. Lecter reveals more than she’d like Will to know. But he sees right through her and it’s almost painful to watch that he’s genuinely hurt by her betrayal. It goes deeper than just Alana’s thing for Hannibal, but started when she abandoned Will and refused to believe any truth to his words. She may have taken care of his dogs, but that’s the only thing tying the two of them now.

Boy, she is going to lose it when she finds out who Hannibal really is, after defending him for so long and even showing him her tittays. She is blindly falling into a trance with Dr. Lecter.

Alana, you’re a bad therapist. 😀

Chilton on the cutting block

As more and more people close to Hannibal end up in grisly murders, Dr. Chilton is no less than petrified at the prospect that he might be next. Will isn’t on the list, obviously, and he knows that goading both Abel Gideon and Will Graham doesn’t sit too well with the Ripper.

Although the finale ends with a bullet shot through Dr. Chilton’s face, I’m not as convinced that he’s truly dead. If he were, it’d be a huge leap from the canon although it’s a forgiveable jump. After all, this isn’t aGRRM’s ASoIaF epic, where every detail is almost hallowed ground. In this case, we can forgive the change.

So how does Chilton meet his end?

Through Dr. Hannibal Lecter’s careful design, of course. At his ridiculously chic and modern home, Chilton finds a dying Abel Gideon in one of his guest bedrooms, complete with surgical apparatus of all kinds that would ultimately blame him as the Chesapeake Ripper. One question, at what point did Hannibal stop feeding Gideon Gideon? Get it? Gideon is missing two legs, two arms, and God knows what other organs he’s missing so… #ew

Realizing too late, he stumbles back up to his living room only to fall into the hands of the real ripper, Dr. Lecter in his “kill suit”. Chilton wakes up bloodied, with a gun in his hand and blood trails on the floor leading to two new victims, the unfortunate FBI agents who were sent to protect(?) Chilton.

Hannibal Yakimono

Naturally, all the evidence points to him now. Running to Will for help (and a shower), Chilton decides to run away and risk looking guilty rather than face the circumstances and still look guilty. However, he still ends up in FBI custody with Jack Crawford jumping the bait, obviously eager to put the ripper behind bars.

But he still needs further evidence, so he calls in Miriam Lass to identify Dr. Chilton. This is the point when Hannibal’s carefully nurtured design unravels; Miriam Lass and Dr. Chilton is his escape. Two years in captivity and God knows what mind-numbing memory alterations he used on her, Miriam succumbs into PTSD spasms and says, “It’s him. It’s him.” then snatches Jack’s holster gun and shoots Chilton right in the face. #BOOM

Hannibal Yakimono

Did Hannibal predict Miriam’s reaction to shoot Chilton? Possibly. Or did Hannibal think that Chilton would eventually run from the FBI and end up shot? Possibly. There’s no telling what Hannibal really had in store for his colleague, only that he was used intelligently to get the blame for all the murders.

Other stuff

  • Anna Chlumsky is a welcome addition to the cast. I particularly liked her scene with Will, when she was hunched over and particularly tense. Her spastic appearance definitely speaks volumes about her 2-year ordeal.
  • Is it a tad bit inconsiderate that that FBI team treated Dr. Chilton with disdain after only hours of exonerating Will from the same crime, something which they were fully convinced he was guilty of? A wee bit prejudiced, you guys.
  • Hugh Dancy is getting so much better. I love how his eye glazes over in disgust when he hears that Beverly was drained of blood before she was frozen and pieced into slides.
  • No news of Bella?
  • What could be Alana Bloom’s fate? I’m thinking she might not reach the end of the season, but who knows?


Next week…

Is Dr. Chilton really dead? How will Miriam Lass cope with her attempted murder on another “assumed” murderer? How can Will Graham’s resumed therapy with Dr. Lecter prove helpful? Is he convinced that he can manipulate Hannibal into biting whatever he has in store for the Chesapeake Ripper?

Let’s find out next week in “Su-zakana” 😀


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