Hannibal Futamono

Futamono – Hannibal Season 2 Episode 6

“Old friends for dinner” rises to a new level of ambiguity in “Futamono” which, as translated, refers to a lidded dish, like roast pork or soup, prepared and cooked under clay. As delectably tempting as that sounds, you won’t be thinking the same thing once you get a full taste of what Hannibal serves you in this 6th episode…

Pave paradise and put up a parking lot

The most primal way this show captures its fanbase and maintains an intelligent air is its creativity in presenting macabre or twisted murders and turning them into artful tableaux that surrounds their complex characters. In “Mukozuke”, we saw Beverly Katz mounted piece by piece on large glass plates with precise alignment. This time, we see a live cherry tree in the middle of a vacant parking lot. But this is no ordinary spurt of nature because the tree IS a man, or a dead man at least. Twined and surgically embedded into him, the tree is part of the man and the man is part of the tree.

Hannibal Futamono

What’s even more beautiful is the growth of poisonous flowers on areas where organs should have been, like his heart, lungs, and kidney. In a cruel reverse of fate, the killer paved a parking lot and put up a paradise. Hannibal, in an obvious allusion to his earlier comment, “I need to get my appetite back.”, live up to his unheard threat.

Genius vs genius

After the nearly successful attempt to kill him, Hannibal recognizes Will as an enemy to contend with. Earlier, he might have seen Will merely as a curious little experiment, something that he has complete control over. But now the tables have turned. Will Graham, after Beverly’s grisly murder, was no longer content to stand by and play a game of wits, he was willing to talk another killer into killing Hannibal.

And in the process, Will has become the very beast with antlers that he so loathes. Meanwhile, a casual visit is turned into a subtle “game on” alert as Hannibal gave a thinly veiled threat, “I will give Dr. Bloom your best regards.”

Hannibal in a steamy affair?

Speaking of Dr. Alana Bloom, she succumbs into a torrid night of passion with Dr. Hannibal Lecter after a lavish dinner party that Hannibal hosts. Initially, I assumed he was being careless with his decision to throw a dinner party after a public murder tableaux of the “Chesapeake Ripper”, proven when Jack pretended to ask for some takeout which he immediately had examined at the forensics lab.

Hannibal Futamono

As unlikely as their affair is, the passionate night (or so I presume) that Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Dr. Alana Bloom indulges in gives the former an inviolable alibi against the kidnapping of Abel Gideon and the murder of one of the guards. I can’t help thinking that this episode is a major turning point for the season. It’s as if Hannibal is taking us a darker path, as if it’s not already treading on very dark and macabre roads.

However, this episode felt like Dr. Hannibal’s tribute to us, like he’s saying, “Here’s how it’s going to go down. There’s gonna be a lot of changes in here.” I say, bring it on.

Gideon’s last supper?

After breaking his back on his fall (I wonder if he deliberately provoked the jailguards to hurt him hoping he’d die), Abel Gideon was confined to the hospital where he was later taken by Hannibal Lecter. Later on, we see the two of them dining on a sumptuous looking futamono.

But the pork-looking delight turns out to be Abel Gideon’s leg, earlier amputated and prepared by Dr. Hannibal. Forcing your victim to eat his own is a nod to the film Hannibal, although the dude who ate pieces of his brain had no idea what they were.

Hannibal Futamono

This time, Gideon knows what he’s about to eat. Does he refuse? Of course not, whether to avoid looking like a coward in front of Hannibal or he’s really curious what he tastes like, I don’t know. Seriously, these two men are really sick.

Next week…

What new murders will the Chesapeake Ripper show off to throw the FBI off their game? Will Miriam Lass’ reappearance mean that she can be a witness against the ripper? Can Jack Crawford’s realization of the identity of the Chesapeake Ripper free Will Graham? What will happen to Will once he’s freed? Will it be a showdown against two formidable minds?

Let’s find out next week in “Yakimono” 😀


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