summer mismatched bikinis

50 Days of Summer: Are You Ready?

Sate your appetite for piña colada and sand between your toes this summer. Hit your favorite beach destination, beat the heat in fabulous style, and fill your beach bag with these must-haves. For sure, the torturous heat wave in Pinas will go unnoticed with these sizzling shopping delights.

Round Sunnies

This trend is a personal favorite. I love the comeback of the round sunnies because they’re such an easy fashion statement. Pair them with a casual shirt, whitewashed jeans, vintage boots, and you’re all set.

summer round sunnies


summer round sunnies

I love that they can go with any face; angular, round, elongated, heart-shaped — round sunnies will still look great! The trick is to vary the size of the lenses and the thickness of the frames. Smaller lenses ala John Lennon go well with heart-shaped faces. Bigger lenses with gradient tints look well with angular and oval faces, especially black and deep brown gradients. Swipe on a bright matte lippie to go with the sunnies and voila! you’re the ultimate hot hot hottie!

Mismatched bikinis

I Love Koi bikiniSo many retail stores now sell individual bikini tops and bottoms that it’s so easy to experiment with different pairings. Your beachwear will look extra Y-O-U because there’s no other pair like it! Hit Mango, Forever21, or even Isis now and go for a mismatched bikini set. You won’t regret it!




***Click on the photo to view the Product page at Zalora 😀

summer mismatched bikinis

Tip: Most individual retail stores allow customers to try on bikini bottoms. There’s a protective sanitary plastic for each swimsuit and they’re removed after each fitting. I’ve tried Hot Pink and Forever21 at Ayala Center, Cebu and they do have these sanitary precautions on their products. However, department stores like Metro Ayala don’t, so you’ll just have to make do with guesstimates.


Honestly, only idiots nowadays hit the beach without a spraybottle or a sachet of sun protection. I mean, what are you even thinking? The sun isn’t going to shy away from burning your skin just because you’re wearing an expensive bandeau bra from Victoria’s Secret. My current favorite is the Banana Boat brand. Their sunblock formulas spread well, even on wet skin, and can protect for as long as five hours.

Banana boat sunblock

I also love the Cover Girl Smoothers AquaSmooth Compact Makeup with SPF15. It blends evenly and doesn’t cake as quickly as other foundations.

cover girl smoothers aquasmooth compact

It doesn’t get any better than this…

For all you sun worshippers out there, slip out of your heels and jump barefoot unto powdery white sand with your sunnies perched perfectly on your face. Ready your smartphone in hand too, that perfect Instagram moment won’t have a sign of warning. Smile! 😀



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