Hannibal Mukozuke

MINDBLOWN – Did “Jame Gumb” Appear in #Hannibal Mukozuke?

I was browsing through my archive of downloaded photos for Hannibal when, upon closer inspection, something caught my eye. One of the still shots from Hannibal episode 5 Mukozuke captured my attention. It features Will Graham in the iconic “Hannibal” suit: biter mask, strait jacket, and chains.

Hannibal Mukozuke

But look a little closer at the two men beside him. The other guy, the “orderly”, is revealed to be the copycat killer responsible for the bailiff’s death. Now, what about the other guy, the jailguard?

Hannibal Mukozuke

Doesn’t he look a wee bit familiar? Let’s have a closer look…

Hannibal Mukozuke

Doesn’t he look like Jame Gumb, the serial killer from “Silence of the Lambs”? The dude who kidnaps women and takes the skin from their back and wears them? The dude who made famous the line, “It rubs the lotion on its skin…”

Jame Gumb

It’s definitely an interesting choice if Hannibal show runners chose to cast the guy who played “Jame Gumb” as the jailguard who assists and transports Will Graham while he is in full Hannibal mode. Cool, huh? 😀 I was mindblown so I just had to share it. #sorrynotsorry If it’s not the same actor though, they still look suspiciously similar so that’s kinda cool 🙂



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