makeup trends bright lips

Beauty Trends 2014: Are You Digging It?

From thin cruel eyebrows to plush wolfish brows, from lip-lined smackers to dark matte puckers, from stick straight locks to bouncy volumized curls — the 80s and 90s makeup is making a comeback and we’re loving it!

Wolfish Brows

Brooke Shields was right! The thick bushy eyebrows are a thing of beauty, more so since Cara Delevigne and Keira Knightley made it their signature looks.

makeup trends full eyebrows

Do you think you can pull off full eyebrows? The first rule is to throw out your razors and waxing strips, you won’t be needing them. Let your brows grow, trim off the edges for a sharper look, and shade in with a darker brown eyeshadow.


Bright Bright Lips

Who says only Angelina Jolie can pull off lush pouty lips? Pucker up because this is the season of bright bright lips!

makeup trends bright lips

makeup trends bright lips

This trend goes so well with the full brows it’s a match made in lipstick heaven. For day use, swipe on some matte coral or orange lippies for an extra oomph!. For date nights and trips to the club, switch your dainty corals for blood red, deep burgundy, or full fuschia for that ultimate vavavoom look.

Products I Love: 

Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in “Audacious” – P575

Nyx Soft Lip Cream #02 – P399

Elf Studio Matte Lip Color in “Coral” – P250


Just-Had-Sex Hair

You actually don’t need to have sex first to achieve this look. Just switch your shampoos and conditioners to volumizing formulas and you’re good to go!

makeup trends thick hair

Run a blow dryer through your hair each morning but just use your fingers to sort out the tangles. You can either leave it loose or coif it up as a messy braid or bun. The messier and more casual it looks, the prettier it looks. Of course, there’s a fine line between ugly mess and pretty mess so be careful.

A personal favorite is the messy braid which looks so casual yet so feminine and pulled-together that you can literally rock it on any occasion!

beauty trend messy braid


So what do you think of these beauty trends? I’m definitely loving the rave for bolder and brighter lipstick colors. It’s easier to experiment with different shades on your lips rather than on your eyelids. Blue eyeshadow, anyone? Lemme know what you think about what’s “in” this season… 😀




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