Hannibal Mukozuke

Mukozuke – Hannibal Season 2 Episode 5

Hannibal continues to prove that it is the most audacious, visceral, and keenly intelligent TV show on air.  The riveting horror drama, unnerving musical score, ingenious subplot of weekly murder mysteries, and overall ominous tragedy surrounding the characters makes us salivate for more…

Things Did NOT Go Well for Beverly

We finally get an answer to last week’s grim final scene. After all, nobody really expected Beverly to survive unscathed from Hannibal Lecter’s basement. Despite the gunshots and her FBI training, she’s clearly no match for a master psychopath hellbent on cooking her for dinner.

Hannibal Mukozuke

When Katz’s body is discovered, it’s probably the most vomit-inducing scene of the show so far. More because of the fact that she’s a recurring character rather than just a weekly murder/mystery victim. Jack even seems to lose it once he sees how Beverly has been mutilated and trussed like a lab rat. Freddie Lounds even shows a bit of human empathy in her, advising Jack not to go in because “She’s one of yours.”  


Will Becomes Hannibal

Bryan Fuller has sprinkled so many nods to the source material that nearly all episodes reflect at least one. This time, the show goes full tilt by suiting up Will Graham in the signature straitjacket and biter mask of Dr. Hannibal Lecter in Silence of the Lambs. You can easily imagine Anthony Hopkins smirking and hissing beneath the mask.

Hannibal Mukozuke

It’s hard to see Will struggle with Beverly’s death, knowing that it was he who lead her there. Jack, in an effort to identify the Chesapeake Ripper, allows Will to see the crime scene at his insistence. It might just be me but I kinda feel nostalgic each time the flashing light probes blank out the screen, indicating that Will’s profiling prowess is at work.

Beverly Katz apparently suffered a quick death albeit a horrific aftermath. She was strangled, frozen, sliced, and pieced apart in large glass plates like slides on a microscope. How fitting that the setting is actually the Observatory.

Lounds Gets Her Story, Will Gets His Admirer

Another returning character from last season is Freddie Lounds, the notoriously ambitious and libelous journalist hellbent on uncovering macabre stories, whether fact or fiction. This time, at Will’s invitation, Miss Lounds gets her exclusive story about Will Graham and his “supposed” admirer.

Hannibal Mukozuke

This move is carefully planned by Will who, in an obviously desperate move, is trying to contact his admirer. When the copycat responds, Will immediately plays the part of manipulator and challenges his new comrade to kill Hannibal Lecter.

The copycat finally gets a face and I am relieved. He plays the part of crazy-intelligent-psychopath-turned-orderly so well. However, I found it slightly out of character that Will becomes a vigilante; but this obviously is a result of his remorse for involving Beverly Katz in his dangerous game of cat and mouse with Hannibal.

Hannibal Gets a Taste of His Own Medicine

In a rather dangerous turn of events, Hannibal Lecter becomes victim to his own game. I was truly surprised that, despite Dr. Lecter being a physically powerful man, the copycat is even more formidable than him. How is it that this guy who spends time in a psychiatric hospital and fills his days copying famous murder scenes can swim so fast? #beatsme

When he captures the doctor, he devises a clever interrogation scheme. Hannibal is standing on his tippitoes, a hanging rope is looped around his neck, his arms tied to an iron bar, and his arms slashed open in an intent to bleed him dry. But as psychiatry books go, psychopaths have no remorse and cannot feel fear or pain. It would have been great if there was an ounce of fear or panic in Hannibal’s eyes, but no.

Hannibal Mukozuke

Instead, the copycat interrogates him about the identity of the Chesapeake Ripper, even going so far as to ask whether Hannibal killed the judge. Most of us aren’t surprised that the murders of the bailiff and the judge aren’t of the same killer; the latter has so much more flair and creativity that it must have been Hannibal’s own machinations. There’s a spark of fire in Hannibal’s eyes when he realized that the copycat might get credit for his murders.

Hannibal doesn’t want to be discovered, obviously. He wants to go on living his fabulous cannibalistic lifestyle. Yet, his ego won’t allow him to let others take the blame for his crimes, if only to prove that he’s the smarter and better psycho.

There’s a reason Hannibal killed that judge. Will was taking too much credit for the intelligence of his crimes. Remember his smirk about the “smartest person in the room” comment? He wasn’t too happy about that, hence, the judge. Now, another killer might take the blame and be credited for all those brilliant kills? Nu-uh!

Obviously, this won’t be the end of Dr. Lecter, our genius-slash-demented villain. Abel Gideon overheard the conversation between Will and the copycat, putting it upon himself to give a subtle warning to Alana Bloom and Jack Crawford. Of course, Jack is able to save Hannibal just in time.

We’ll see how Jack feels about rescuing Dr. Lecter when he discovers his true nature, which we won’t have to wait for long.

Next week…

How will the victimization of Hannibal Lecter play out? Will this drive the doctor into further insanity and erupt into murderous and cannibalistic rampage? How can Will Graham’s involvement in the kidnapping of Hannibal affect Jack’s perception of his innocence/guilt?

Let’s see what happens next week in “Futamono” 😀


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