Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

#RichKidsofBeverlyHills – SERIOUSLY?

When you’re 25 and have a net worth of $10,000,000, the rules of life are simpler: spend, spend, spend!

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills


#RichKids is the new heir to a gilded throne in the vapid empire of reality TV shows. E!’s new series about selfie-obsessed, glamorous, and disgustingly wealthy adults threatens to dethrone the Kardashian brand to dust. It’s a new guilty pleasure I’m certainly obsessed about; watching rich heiresses bicker over $4o,ooo dinner bills, selfie lighting and private flights to Cabo is truly amusing albeit downright depressing. While we’re working our butts off to put food on the table and laboring 40 hours a week to earn meager salaries, these #RichKids get all the benefits of an ultra luxe life without any effort at all.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

This gilded TV show focuses on the glamorous lives of Morgan Stewart and Dorothy Wang, liking themselves as the modern Serena and Blair tandem. Other supplementary characters in this reality fest are Brendan Fitzpatrick, Morgan’s real estate mogul boyfriend, Roxy Sowlaty, a posh Persian princess struggling to become an interior designer after being cut off, Johnny Drubel, Hollywood songwriter, and EJ Johnson, son of NBA legend Magic Johnson.

The season kicked off simply enough, focusing on daily shopping sprees that involved crocodile Birkins, platform Louboutins, Gucci sunnies, and weekly nail spas. The dynamic between Morgan and Dorothy is what drives the show, the two gals obviously bonded over a common love of shopping, themselves, and all things luxe. Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

What’s apparent about the show is its willingness to embrace its vapidity and shallowness. It’s not afraid to disguise itself as something else. Because it is a show about self-obsessed pals and their vacuous documentation of their lives through Instagram, it shows us just that and nothing else. #RichKids doesn’t take itself too seriously and it’s definitely bringing in the numbers.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

Its definitely privilege without apology and we love it! High-brow self-righteous haters like to claim that its the start of the zombie apocalypse and it is clear proof of the hopelessness of humanity, but they’re completely missing the point. The silly lives of these #RichKids seem shallow and pointless, but its the silliness and aimlessness that draws us to it. We’re living vicariously through their aimless luxurious lives; all the frivolity and self obsession is something that we all want to have, whether we’d like to admit it or not.

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

In this character-driven narrative that’s weirdly dramatic without taking itself too seriously, #RichKidsofBeverlyHills stands out by overhyping the disgustingly privileged lives of these so-called kids, promoting their glitzy lifestyles and amusing us with silly neologisms and epiphanies about the difficulties of opening a bottle of wine.

Sign me up for season 2! 😀


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