Hannibal Hassun

Hassun – Hannibal Season 2 Episode 3

Last week’s gradual shift of chess pieces left us wanting more of the delectable albeit macabre tug-of-war between two intellectual psychopaths, Dr. Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham. This week, we descend deeper into criminal profiling as Will gets his time in courtroom and a copycat joins the killing game for a ménage à trois…

The Smartest Person in the Room

We’ve seen how Will’s non-linear expertise works; he sees patterns and motives and places himself in the midst of it all as the “designer”. It’s unnerving when we see his execution move backwards, as he obviously sees the pattern toward his obvious end which is the electrical chair. One of the most impressive things about this show is its unwillingness to spoonfeed the audience with a this-character-is-complicated-because-he-is-blah-blah-blah notion. No. It tells the story of a man who is mentally ill but keenly intelligent and is playing a game of life and death with a master killer.

Hannibal Hassun

When Will gets his time in the courtroom, we easily empathize with his conscious effort to remain sane by imagining himself going fishing while witnesses play against him in court. Freddie Lounds and her gorgeous red tresses returns. It’s almost amusing how much of a lying bitch she is when BAM! Will’s attorney attacks her by confirming how many libel cases have been fired against her and lost.

Finally, Dr. Chilton’s turn on the witness stand has us smirking with Dr. Lecter. His description of the Minnesota shrike is accurate, the killer thinks of himself too highly and likes to play God, but his accusation that it is Will is SO WRONG. When Hannibal smirks as Will was described as “the smartest person in the room”? Priceless.

A New Copycat on the Loose

As Will’s lawyer mistakenly opens a letter sent to Will, we see a human ear again, this time it belongs to an anonymous bailiff who holds some of the evidence held against Graham. When Jack’s team attempts to pay the bailiff a visit, the place erupts into an inferno and the bailiff is discovered mounted on a stag’s antlers, with half his face torn open and his ear cut off. There’s a new psycho killer in town and has chosen its first victim.

There’s a distinct similarity to these 2 cases but the prosecution refuses to admit that this is the original killer. They insist that its merely a copycat trying to gain attention. We’re almost convinced that it’s not Hannibal, but we’re somehow sure that it IS him if not for the fact that the killer made use of a gun. Hannibal never uses a gun. NEVER! It’s beneath him.

So who is the killer?

Always Will be Friends

Time and time again, we muse over Hannibal’s true intentions to Will. It seems Dr. Lecter is truly sincere in wanting to help Will find his way to freedom. Yet, he cleverly manipulates the people and evidence around him to further dig a deeper hole for Will and his apparent mental illness. It’s also interesting how, despite showing sincere friendship to Jack, Alana, and even Bedelia, we know that Hannibal won’t stop at nothing to satisfy his depraved and macabre cravings and curiosities.

Hannibal Hassun

When Dr. Lecter stands in court and claims that he is and will always be Will’s friend, we almost believe him. Almost. And the fact that the judge for Will’s case is mutilated in his own court in an artistic expression of the blindness and inequality of justice almost convinces us that Hannibal is indeed the copycat.

Hannibal Hassun

Next week…

Will we get new glimpses of the copycat’s criminal profile? How will Beverly’s efforts to uncover more evidence to help Will play out? Can Jack Crawford finally piece together the non-evidence and discover Hannibal for what he truly is?

Let’s find out next week in “Takiawase” 😀



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