Hannibal Sakizuki

Sakizuki – Hannibal Season 2 Episode 2

As Hannibal moves into the second episode of its “mural psycho killer” story arc, we’re shown how aggressive this season is going to be compared with last year’s. And that’s saying something. The opening scene might just be the most memorable scene in all of tv history. But horrendous violence and gruesome visuals aside, Sakizuki is making us salivate for more. Here’s a recap to keep those hungry juices flowing:

Can they do that on a tv show? 

Hannibal Sakizuki

The poor guy we last saw in “Kaiseki” is forced to rip apart his own legs fused by some kind of resin and stitching. Oh, and he has to rip his arm off from his own body too, his hand from his own face, and his body from the other dead bodies in the mural. It’s an unbelievably lurid atrocity of physical pain; what’s more, we’re not spared from the gory details.

After ripping chunks of flesh and skin, the poor guy stumbles around and tries to escape the silo, only to run straight to his worst nightmare, “the mural enthusiast”. The chase scene is fantastic because it’s so gripping. You want the good guy to escape, but then you know that this won’t have a happy ending. After groping his way out of a corn field, “good guy” chooses to jump off a cliff and face death on his own terms rather than end up back in the mural. All that suffering for nothing. 😦 #wonteatforaweek

Say goodbye to Scully

One of the big highlights of last season’s plot was Dr. du Maurier’s cool and analytical facade that nearly rivaled her most dangerous patient. But she’s saying goodbye now, severing all of her ties one by one with Hannibal, Jack, and Will, respectively.

People say that it’s a plot faux pas when she visited Hannibal just to admit that he’s dangerous, but she’s actually a genius. Dr. Lecter is nothing short of an eccentric psycho gentleman who demands respect and who’d appreciated closure. And that’s what lady doctor did. #goodjob

Hannibal Sakizuki

Her last scene with Will is unbelievable. After a brief chat about their mutual “friend” Dr. Lecter, Dr. du Maurier approaches the prison bars and whispers, “I believe you.” Then she’s gone. Isn’t it just so cruel to take Bedelia du Maurier away when she’s the only person who fully believes Will? #byeScully (note: Gillian Anderson is SO PERFECT as Dr. Bedelia du Maurier. She’s amazing, you guys.)

On the one hand, it gives Will one more motivation to keep on playing Hannibal’s game from behind bars. Two geniuses outsmarting each other? BRING IT ON!

Smell vs Sanity

We’re still into the second episode and already, we’re seeing a HUGE difference between Dr. Lecter and Will’s abilities into criminal profiling. The former operates with his analytical prowess and his enhanced sense of smell, immediately coming to the conclusion that the victim was an escapee from a cornfield setting. This gives Hannibal the power to understand the psycho minds at work while keeping himself detached.

Meanwhile, Will struggles to remain sane and aloof after climbing into the skin and psyche of each of the serial killers he faces. It’s taking a toll on his perception of reality and himself, something which Hannibal has taken advantage of.

Hannibal - Season 2

“I made you pliable. Molded you. Set and sealed you where you lay. This is my design. A dead eye of vision and consciousness. I am fixed and unseeing. Unless someone else sees me. … One of these things is not like the others. One these things just doesn’t belong. Who are you? Why are you so different from everyone else? I didn’t put you here. You are not my design.” – says Will, as he slowly realizes that one piece in the mural is not part of the puzzle.

Can Dr. Lecter cook for me too? 

After consulting with Will to understand more about the “mural killer”, with Jack’s hidden permission of course, Beverly and the FBI finally find the mural; at an isolated farm with huge silos (which happens to have a cornfield and a cliffside? #weird)

We’re thinking that they’d see a lapse in the human mural because of the escapee, but no. There’s a replacement and he looks very familiar. We realize that the “new piece” in the mural is actually the killer (note: his leg is missing).

Hannibal Sakizuki


Through flashbacks, we see Dr. Lecter calmly surveying the setting at an earlier time, wearing his plastic “kill suit”. Then, we see him having a casual chit chat with the mural killer about the existence of God, beauty, and other weird stuff that most serial killers are into. #nothingbutdailyconversation

The highlight of this episode, of course, is Dr. Hannibal preparing his own dinner. We’ve seen him cook before and we’ve drooled. This time, the “missing leg mystery” earlier in the episode gets a terrible terrible answer. Have you seen anybody prepare human leg that efficiently? If you have, your life is a lie. Hannibal does it so much better. 

So do I want Hannibal to cook for me? HELL YEAH! But maybe I’d want to check out his meat source first. 😀 #makingsure

Next week… 

What new horrible crime drama are we going to see? How can Will continue to play guilty whilst trying to prove himself innocent? How does Jack piece together the fact that Dr. Lecter is actually the Minnesota shrike? What terrifying and delectable dinner will Hannibal cook for us?

Let’s find out next week in “Hassun”. 😀


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