bacon and eggs

I Am The Girl

I am the girl waiting for you to say you miss me. Because I miss you. I miss eating ice cream with you, and watching movies, and kissing your stubby cheeks. I miss eating with you, and praying together, and talking.

I am the girl waiting for your text. And I hate to admit it, but I do. I pounce on the phone like a crazed tiger only to find that I have no new messages. Maybe you’re still sleeping? Or already at work? Maybe your phone died? Because I know how iPhones can get. Or maybe you’re out with friends and don’t want to be disturbed? Or maybe you’re busy or something?

I am the girl fighting to keep you in my life. I have no idea what I’m doing, but I’m doing it nonetheless. Is it sad? Yes, some people like to think so. I’m holding on for dear life to what we have because that’s what we do for the people we love, right? Right?

I am the girl who’s getting tired of fighting to keep you in my life. I ask myself everyday why I’m still holding on to you and I know the answer. I ask myself everyday why you don’t seem to want to hold on to me. And I don’t know the answer. I don’t know how you feel and I can never guess. Just tell me. Just tell me.

I am the girl who wants to hear it. Sometimes, I just wish you’d say it. That you still love me. That you still want to keep me. That you miss me. That you want to see me for the weekend. That you want to have dinner when I’m in town. Or that you miss holding my hand. Don’t you miss holding my hand? Because I do.

I am the girl who loves you. Who thinks you’re adorable even when you have early morning drool on your mouth. Who calms you down at night when you’re dreaming bad dreams. Who smiles at you when you’re being cute and stubborn. Who thinks you’re incredible and weird at the same time.

I am the girl. But maybe I’m no longer your girl.


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