bacon and eggs

Bogoy Daw Ko Pag High School? NOT REALLY!

So a student’s dad visited me earlier to interview me about being Miss Southern Leyte. It’s for our high school’s school paper and of course I obliged. While I was filling in the questionnaire he gave me, he kept musing why I graduated Cum Laude in college but did not graduate with honors in high school.

I think my parents are wondering the same thing LOL 😀

He noted, “Hilom hilom raman ka pag high school, bogoy bogoy raman no.” I answered with just a “hehehe”. 

I don’t think I was really the “bogoy” he was talking about. I did not have a care for my studies though. I can’t remember studying seriously or worrying about exams. I just cruised through it all. I was lucky enough that I had enough brainpower for my grades not to go completely downhill.

I was competitive though. I did not like losing. This is probably why even though I wasn’t top of the class, I was always invited to join school competitions for journalism, project presentations, spelling bees, even science fairs. The teachers knew I had a better shot than my classmates who had names in the Honor Roll.

So “bogoy”? Maybe. But isn’t everyone “bogoy” in high school? 😀


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