Can We Let Leo Win This Time?

I feel sorry for the dude every time the Academy denies him their vote as Best Actor. He’s a very talented actor, dedicating so much of himself to all his film roles. And what happens? He gets snubbed like ALWAYS!

Give the dude a break. 😀 Leonardo DiCaprio deserves to get that golden statue. He should already have gotten it for Blood Diamond, IMO. But honestly, maybe his chances this year are pretty low. The other Best Actor nominees are spectacular. Christian Bale? Matthew McConaughey? Jared Leto? Chiwetel Eijofor? Leo’s in for some tough competition this year.

But hey, I still feel sorry for him. He’s become a sort of laughing stock on the internet already, people making him a meme and saying he’ll always be nominated but never awarded. A little harsh, you guys. 😦


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