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Will I Go to Hell If I Skip Sunday Mass?

When I was younger, I used to have the idea that Jesus will be angry and punish me if I don’t go to church on Sundays. My mom didn’t threaten or scare me with such notions, but it was kinda implied. And our Religion classes implied much worse, that God wouldn’t love us or give us blessings if we failed to attend the Sunday mass. We were young and wide-eyed and our religious teachers were, as I realized now, nuts. Some of them condemned technology because it was supposedly “evil” and called homosexuals “sinners”.

But now that my relationship with God is more grounded, I’ve learned to distinguish between being faithful and religious. I, for one thing, don’t believe that my God will condemn me to eternal punishment for missing Sunday masses.

My God isn’t vengeful, but a merciful and helpful Father. He stayed by my side when I had horrible nightmares as a kid. Now, he still stays by my side and holds my hand when I cry and ask Him to make it better. My God loves me.

Still, if God can stay with me when I need him, I’m thinking the least I can do is spare one hour of my week to go to his House and worship him. I go to Church not because our parish priest will be angry or because I don’t like Hellish fires (but I don’t 😀 ).

I go to Church on Sundays because it’s a small payback to all the things my God has done for me. How about you? What’s your relationship with your God and how do you show your faith? 🙂


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