Pizza Rolls: A Simple Recipe

I’m a snack person. If there’s any meal of the day that I’m most interested about, it’s snack (technically not a meal but who cares?) 😀 I looooove breakfast too, but I feel more at ease experimenting with different snack recipes. This time, I made my own version of a pizza roll that’s super easy to make but also really cheap.


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 box of Eden cheese
  • 1 pack of hotdogs (around 12 per pack) OR 1 large can of Spam
  • 1 pack of Gardenia loaf bread
  • 1 cup of del Monte tomato sauce
  • 2 eggs
  • milk
  • 1 large bowl of breadcrumbs




1. Flatten a piece of bread with a rolling pin to prevent the bread from breaking when you fold it.

2.  Spread about a half spoonful of tomato sauce on the surface.

3. Layer the edge with about 2 strips of Spam and 2 strips of cheese.

4. Fold the layered edge over until you reach the opposite edge of the bread.

5. Place a halved toothpick on each side to prevent your roll from opening.

6. Dip it in egg+milk mixture and roll inside a bowl of breadcrumbs.

Here’s the uncooked product:


Finally, just deep fry these rolls until golden brown. Serve with a dip. I made mine by simply combining del Monte ketchup and some mayonnaise. Added some salt and pepper for pizazz. Enjoy! 😀


*can serve 10-12 people


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