Things That Happened to Me in 2013

I’m looking back at all the important things that happened to me in 2013, before 2014 knocks on my door in a few hours.

I committed to making this blog work.

I’ve had blogs before and they all turned a downward spiral after just a few months. I wasn’t after readers or fame, but I kept procrastinating so I couldn’t keep an updated blog for long. I’m still trying to stay committed to this blog and I think I’m almost there.

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I let a man into my life.

A good friend told me that I’m the type of person with closed doors and windows, that I don’t let any “guy” in. It’s kinda true. I have many guy friends but that’s it, no one gets too close to my heart. Fucking cheesy, I know. But this year, I took the risk and let someone in. Someone that didn’t actually come knocking. LOL Am I happy with that decision? Hell yes. I was ready to fall in love. And I did 😀

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I joined a beauty pageant.

How weird is that. I’ve never really thought highly of pageants, sometimes thinking that they were pointless. But I joined one for the sake of experience 😀 I’m the type of girl that likes to challenge myself and experience new things. A pageant was  waaaay out of my comfort zone, so I tried it. Luckily, I survived with flying colors 😀


I left my work.

Becoming unemployed is a scary thing. Job scouting and interviews are hard, losing a source of income is tough. It’s a scary world out there. I came into my decision but it wasn’t an easy one. I mulled over it for months and months, even before the pageant. But I knew it was the right thing to do. My future didn’t have Smart Traffic in it. I have a lot of plans for my life: studying again, travelling, teaching, raising a family, designing my own clothing line, becoming a lawyer, etc. If I want some of them to come true, I needed to take action pronto 😀

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2013 wasn’t an easy year. It was full of depressing moments, scary tragedies, and risky steps. But I think I got through it alive and unscathed. It’s time to face 2014 with open arms. THIS IS MY YEAR! 😀


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