5 Facts About Being Heartbroken

1. Your brain can’t tell the difference between physical and emotional pain.

“So why does it feel like someone’s squishing my chest?”

lion king

2. During heartbreak, your brain releases a flood of cortisol, which breaks down your immune system.

“Probably why you get flu, fever, insomnia, and asthma attacks after a breakup.”

3. Your risk of having a heart attack is 20% higher than normal when you’re heart broken.


“So yeah, you could TOTALLY die of a heart attack.”

4. The emotions you experience are similar to that of a person withdrawing from cocaine addiction.


5. You develop irrational “cravings” or post-breakup habits during heartbreak, like obsessively stalking your ex’s Facebook, plotting murders for every girl that comes within 5 meters of him, drinking vodka, talking to gummy bears, etc.

“This is prolly the phase when we go completely nuts!”

But here’s something the ‘facts’ don’t tell you:

1. You end up blaming yourself.

It doesn’t matter who initiated the breakup, you will eventually ask, “What did I do wrong?” or “Was I too clingy? Probably… nah, not really. Well, actually, I prolly was.”


2. Chocolate won’t help.

TVs and movies tell you that chocolate helps you forget and get over him, but even after 2 huge packs of Kitkat and wads of Ferrero chocolate balls, the pain is still there.


3. You’ll develop ALL kinds of personalities.

First, you’ll be in a state of immense self-pity. This is the part where everything about you is ugly; your hair, your nose, your ass, even your wallet.

one tree hill

Second, you’ll turn into a robot. All smiles and sunshine, but deep down you want to crawl into a small hole and hide your face between your knees.

Third, you’ll think you’re over him. You tell everyone, even your diary, that you’re fine. You go out, have drinks with friends, party again, enjoy shopping; you live again! But one Facebook update that says he’s “going out tonight with a special lady” and you’re back to the self-pity part.


Fourth, the cycle repeats over and over again. You keep wondering when it’ll all stop, but that’s the thing, there’s no time limit for heartbreak. There’s no OFF button for the pain.

4. You realize that you have to let go.

It’s the final step and it’s the most difficult. You were best friends, for crying out loud. You shared meals, met each other’s parents, cuddled during scary movies, and held hands just because.


But yes, it IS time to realize that it’s over. Stop smelling the pillow for lingering smells. Stop looking at old lovey-dovey photos. Stop stalking his FB page.  Stop wishing that he’d suddenly show up at your doorstep with an apology and a sprig of roses. Stop wishing that he’d surprise you on a Saturday and he’d serenade you with your theme song.

It’s never going to happen.


I won’t tell you to stop wallowing, because the wallowing part will help. But I will tell you this, that empty painful feeling you have now, that soul-crushing crippling pain inside you, it will eventually fade. 😦

Just pray.



4 thoughts on “5 Facts About Being Heartbroken

    1. Hi Kareena,

      I’m so sorry to hear that. Relationships ending are always sad, no matter the reason. I know this is prolly the last thing you wanna hear right now, but it DOES get better. You’ll soon wake up without that pain in your chest, you’ll be able to smile more (even laugh), and you’ll learn to love again. *hugs

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