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8 Things I Will Forever Cherish as Part of My Childhood

I didn’t have an iPad, an Xbox, or Facebook, but my childhood was AWESOME. 😀


Disney classic movies

From rented VHS tapes to original CD copies, my mom made sure that we had Cinderella, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, the Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. Thanks, Ma!

cinderella-gif-01 ariel-gif-01

Video Games


Papa had a love for video games and competition, hence our Saturday afternoons spent playing Galaga, Donkey Kong, and Super Mario. Thanks, Pa!



Samurai X

As my sister and I entered the late stages of elementary, local TV channels ABS-CBN and GMA7 were gracious enough to Pinoy kids to show Inuyasha, Samurai X, and Slam Dunk. I probably have a ton of notebooks with little hearts scribbled alongside the names Lukawa, Kenshin, and Touya.

Luckily enough, we had cable so we got to watch AXN’s feature of Ayashi No Ceres. To date, this is my favorite (as well as my sister’s). Oh Touya, you red-haired hunk of an angel! *swoon*

Touya Ayashi No Ceres

Kid Pix


If it weren’t for this baby, my drawing skills would still be mediocre. I mean, this is even cooler than Paint. It’s got a Moving Truck for crying out loud!

Cartoon Network ­

cartoon network 01

Kids, believe it or not, Cartoon Network was once cool and awesome. It had Dexter’s Laboratory, Jonny Bravo, The Powerpuff Girls, Scooby Doo, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. To this day, I can’t erase “omelette du fromage” from my memory. OMELLETE DU FROMAGE!!!!!!!!



Polly Pockets

Not the kind of crap you have right now, but real awesome toys. Because I have cousins who have almost all kinds of toys that they rarely play with, I looked forward to every summer vacation because then I could play with their Legos and Polly Pockets. Pretty soon, Papa bought us our own Legos. Woohooooooo! 😀


Harry Potter

harry potter books

When the first Harry Potter movie came out, my sister and I became so hooked that we just had to borrow the books and read them ourselves. We’ve read all 7, but we never had our own copy. Cool huh?

Harry Potter


F4 Taiwanese Meteor Garden

Screw Lee Min Ho, the Taiwanese F4 will forever be my childhood crushes. I had posters, pictures, and clippings of Jerry Yan, Ken Chu, Vanness Wu, and Vic Chou. I daydreamed about our future children and I ogled endlessly at their music videos on Myx. Never mind that I couldn’t understand a single word, but Meteor Rain, Season of Fireworks, and Di Yi Shi Jian are heart-melters that’ll forever be embedded in my brain.


So what was your childhood like? 😀


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