Smartphones Aren’t All That

Disclaimer: These are random musings I had while my class was taking their midterm exam. If you can’t swallow the randomness, then go graze other pastures. 😀

Note: I’m just copy-pasting from my Memo app because it’s where I write my random thoughts. If there are spelling errors, well…. 😀

Here goes…

Smartphones Can Ruin Relationships?

It’s easy to get caught up in this huge tangle of digital consumerism. We spend day in and day out coveting what’s displayed on iStores, regardless of how much you try to claim to friends that  you’re “not really into gadgets.”

Somehow, we wind up taking pictures of our food instead of eating it. Sundaes end up soupy or pizzas become cold and limp because we choose to post images of our meals on Instagram instead.

Somehow, even when our phones are still perfectly functional, we feel compelled to purchase Samsung’s newest release or Apple’s newest cool gadget.

Somehow, we end up spending more money on clothes we don’t actually need. Why? We want to post #outiftoftheday shots on IG and we’d rather be caught dead than wearing the same old cardigan we wore a few weeks back. Truthfully, would your social life really suffer if you wear a blouse twice in one month? Or would you rather be the person always borrowing money from friends because you spent your last allowance on ukay-ukay and sales at Metro Ayala?

Somehow, we get a small ego boost from the likes and comments on our FB updates. Yet, we covet more. It’s like achieving a high score. Your current Likes should exceed that of your previous posts, otherwise you clamour over and over again to publish that next cool post.

Somehow, we rely on smartphones to entertain us. Gone are the days of reading books, playing Chinese garters, cooking fake food with cheap plastic kitchen toys, or hanging with friends.

Today, we post wacky photos taken at coffee shops, we compete over the highest scores on Candy Crush and Four Pics One Word, and we even just download the latest ebook releases from our fave author. We forget the simple pleasure of sniffing a brand new book, of leafing through worn pages, and of thumbing through glossy magazines.

We post and post and post photos thinking that this is called “hanging out with friends” when in fact we’re just checking our FB, tweeting, instagramming, and playing Temple Run BESIDE our friends.

And that’s the last Memo I wrote. Please don’t judge me or think I’m preaching. I just had these epiphanies(?) and I wish to share to you guys so you can let me know what you think. 😀


2 thoughts on “Smartphones Aren’t All That

  1. Hi there Godece! I know it’s already latey but anyway, CONGRATULATIONS on winning MSL’13!!! I just want to know what was your answer on the final Q&A. I missed the pageant coz I had a lot of school activities to tend to hence I wasn’t able to go home and watch the pageant live. Heard you did a terrific job. Congratulations!

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