The Bear and the Maiden Fair

The Bear and the Maiden Fair – Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7

Let’s pick up from last episode’s “The Climb”, shall we?

As always, go graze other pastures if you’re not willing to hear spoilers… 😀

Robb Stark’s Camp

As adorable as Oona Chaplin’s butt was, let’s talk about the bigger news that Robb got: THEY’RE PREGNANT!

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

This is news because it means the King in the North already has an heir. But let’s not be too optimistic, shall we? We all know Martin *wink wink*

Beyond The Wall

Tormund Giantsbane is giving some sweet advice to Jon Snow about making love to a woman. As one of the fan favorites, Tormund’s character certainly adds a dose of humor and wit to all scenes he’s part of.

We check in with Bran Stark and his ragged companions too. Puberty is definitely catching up to our Game of Thrones characters. Bran and Rickon in the books will be just entering their teenhood, while the TV show characters will have fully-developed Adam’s Apples already.

Meanwhile, Osha’s backstory is heartbreaking, you guys 😦 She had a man called Brunni, “He was mine and I was his”, who leveled up and was turned into a zombie by the Others.

Kings Landing 

Sansa is having some girly girl bonding time with Margaery Tyrell. Her #1 complaint is, obviously, the fact that Tyrion is a “dwarf”. Oh Sansa, you stupid sweet girl. And Marg? She’s just playing along. When Sansa asks if Margaery’s mother taught her about pleasure and making love, Marg answers after a beat, “Yes, sweet girl. My mother taught me.” Sansa, wake up and smell the flowers.

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

Meanwhile, in the Great Hall, Joffrey has summoned his Lord grandfather Tywin Lannister. The little brat is demanding to hear about the meetings of the Small Council because, apparently, he’s too busy to attend them. And one of the greatest moments in TV history happens: Tywin ascends the staircase like the badass he is and looms over the spoiled inbred King Joffrey. #mindblown

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

Again, this is one of the things that makes Game of Thrones one of the greatest shows on TV. They don’t need dialogue to strike character development or move plot points. A simple blocking and camera angle does the trick SO SPLENDIDLY!

And Joffrey’s face as his grandfather towers over him? PRICELESS! That’s right, Joff. Fear the mother of dragons. 😀


Daenerys is interested in taking Yunkai. As a popular slaver city with over 200,000 slaves, the Mother of Dragons is certainly proving herself loyal to the quest for anti-slavery. She’s like Abraham Lincoln, but way cooler.

We also see the dragons up close and in action, which is SO BADASS! As the Yunkai slaver convinces Dany of the glory and power of the city, she throws some piece of meat to her babies and they attack it, clearly frightening the noble lord Razdal mo Eraz. It’s interesting how our Khaleesi has evolved from a submissive teen scared of her brother’s wrath to an empowered woman who strokes the head of her son, a dragon. #yepthatsright

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

Blackwater Rush 

It’s strange to see Melisandre covered up and swaddled under layers of red. Admittedly though, this woman is stunning. Her bright blue eyes and vivid red hair looks so gorgeous as she convinces Gendry that he’s more than just a bastard, that there’s power in a king’s blood. Book readers, we know that this was supposed to be Edric Storm, but I think the show is opting to merge the two characters. Budget reasons, maybe?

The Dreadfort 

Okay, I’m pretty sure most of the people watching have already figured out who “the torturer” is. Google, anyone? Anyway, he is actually Ramsay Snow, bastard of Lord Roose Bolton, who captured Theon and holds him at The Dreadfort (one of the strongholds of House Bolton).

This one’s a sick and twisted psychopath, you guys. The torture he does isn’t limited to physical, but emotional and psychological too. Giving hints of redemption, physical mutilation, castration, sexual dissatisfaction; it’s an evil evil way to have fun.

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

I’m not killing you. I’m making a few alterations.” -Ramsay


Brienne and Jaime, my favorite adventurous duo. The relationship between these two started with hate and prejudice, but now they’re making promises to one another. Awwww how sweet. The Kingslayer is soon to leave on the morrow for Kings Landing while Lord Bolton is to leave for The Twins. This leaves Brienne at the mercy of Locke.

“Tell Robb Stark I couldn’t make his uncle’s wedding. The Lannisters send their regards.” -Jaime

The Bear and the Maiden Fair

As soon as they hit the road though, Jaime has a change of mind. Returning back to Harrenhal, I’m getting fleeting notions here of a knight in shining armor in the form of Jaime Lannister. He certainly has the looks and from his “Confessions of a Kingslayer” last episode, he also has the honor and courage (or some of it 😀 ). When he jumps into the fighting pit where Brienne is brutally pitted against a large wild bear, it’s an amusing and gripping scene. 

Amusing because I instantly remembered an iconic scene from Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, “I immediately regret this decision.” #LOL. Gripping because this is A WILD BEAR FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! This is an intense scene, you guys. One of my favorites so far 😀

Other musings:

  • Charles Dance is an excellent Tywin Lannister. When I was first reading the books before the show, I’d imagine Bill Nighy as the formidable patriarch of House Lannister.
  • The show is kinda playing favorites on the dragons, yes? I mean we get it, Drogon is the most badass, but Viserion and Rhaegal should have their shining moments too #justsayin

Tune in again next week for my recap of “Second Sons” 😀


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