kissed by fire

Kissed by Fire – Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5

Last week’s mind blowing HOLY-SWEET-FREAKING-WHAT episode made us fist pump and high five invisible persons in the air. Which is exactly why this week’s turnaround is somehow tame yet still remarkable.

Be warned, spoilers ahead!

Let’s start with…

The Brotherhood Without Banners

The night is dark and full of terrors. We last saw The Hound imprisoned and brought as captive to Thoros of Myr and his rugged band of misfits. Condemned through trial by combat, we somehow rolled our eyes at the verdict knowing that Sandor Clegane would claw his way out easily even when combating 10 men. He wasn’t fighting 10 men though, but facing Lord Berrick Dondarion, the Lord of Light’s chosen, resurrected from death more than 7 times.

Lord Berrick Dondarion

You’re welcome to shit in your pants. This was one of the most gripping scenes this season, mostly because we’ve heard so much about this fearless leader but yet know so little.

What’s important here is the fact that we root for Sandor Clegane and yet we want him to suffer an agonizing death. Is that weird? Absolutely not. This is what Game of Thrones is all about.

There are no evil characters, there are no good characters. Just last year, I wanted Jaime to be devoured whole by Grey Wind but now, I want to cuddle him and tell him everything’s gonna be okay. It’s the same for The Hound. We will never forget how he got rid of innocent little Mycah #NeverForget but we will always remember his rescue of sweet-yet-naïve Sansa.

So we’re torn, yes 😀

Note: Rory McCann’s portrayal of the PTSD-ridden Clegane is brilliant.

North of the Wall

Jon Snow is getting some, er, inquisition from the warg and Rattleshirt and, er, some cuddle time by lovestruck Ygritte. Nothing too remarkable, just ass, waterfalls, a dark cave, a brooding curly-haired man.


Ser Jaime Lannister and Brienne have arrived at Harrenhal, currently under Lord Bolton’s command. Seriously you guys, Lord Bolton is a genius at psychological torture. Jaime’s hand has just been chopped off, he’s hungover from a bottle of horse piss, he’s muddy, hungry, and ignorant over what happened to his family back in Kings Landing.

For Roose Bolton to prolong the agony and imply that something horrible happened to them? It’s just a small peak into how twisted and cruel House Bolton really is. I mean, if their House Banner of a flayed man didn’t give you that clue, I don’t know what else will. 😀

Also, and only because I’ve read all 5 books and know what Qyburn really is, I was wincing the whole time he was seeing to Jaime’s flayed arm. #ThatIsSoNotAGoodThing

The scene in the hot tub, now that’s something worth talking about. We see more of Jaime in these few minutes than an entire two seasons. I should say, Nikolai Coster-Waldau deserves, at least, an Emmy nomination for his brilliant performance as the anti-hero Jaime Lannister.

jaime lannister

It’s sad that he is forever condemned a Kingslayer, and yet he saved millions of lives. No one even knows. 😦


Remember the two Lannister boys kept in the dungeons? They’re dead now #weneverknewye Lord Karstark had them murdered in the middle of the night while they were unarmed and helpless. Ned would roll over in this grave knowing that his bannermen have become so dishonorable.

Robb is clearly conflicted here. He wants to give justice to the murder of the innocent boys, but because they’re Lannisters, he can’t fully blame his bannerman for the crime. However, I think what he did here was wrong. He followed his own honorable instincts by condemning Karstark and his men to death. He should have followed his mother’s, uncle’s, and wife’s advice to hold Karstark hostage and still have his infantry.

I love how the musical score for the beheading is the same as the beheading of Ser Rodrick. Robb is, like Theon, doomed.

robb stark

Across the Narrow Sea

Our khaleesi is marching across the dessert with her eight thousand killing machines. We’d think that last episode’s epicness would result in a burning Kings Landing, flying dragons, and Lannister heads on spikes.

Well, that won’t be happening until after 3 or more seasons. 😦

Other musings:

  • The relationship of Stannis and Selyse is seriously twisted, mostly because Selyse is a religious lunatic. Her collection of preserved fetuses? Yuck!
  • There’ a bit of foreshadowing during Shireen and Davos’ talk. “I wouldn’t know where to start”, said Davos. “At the beginning”, says Shireen. See? See? Davos should start where it all began, North of the Wall. I love my brain 😀
  • I loathe Talisa Maegyr with all my heart. She’s Jeyne Westerling in the books, but I hate her all the same. She’s the reason the Young Wolf is dead. And Grey Wind #NeverForget
  • Petyr Baelish creeps the beejeezus out of me.
  • It’s weird how news travels so fast in Westeros. I know they have ravens and messengers, but it’s like they have Twitter and some other shit that keeps them up to date.
  • Shireen’s song during credits is awesome. It’s nice to finally hear a melody to this lyric, I’ve been reading this for far too long and the “I know I know, uh-oh-oh” is getting so annoying without a sound.

Memorable Lines:

“I can be your family.” -Arya

“Our King in the North. Or should I call him, the King who lost the North.” –Lord Karstark

“Kill me and be cursed. You are no King of mine.” –Lord Karstark

“Burn them all, he said. Burn them all.” –Jaime Lannister

“By what right does the Wolf judge a Lion?” – Jaime Lannister

Tune in again for next week’s review of “The Climb”. 😀


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