Walk of Punishment Game of Thrones Season 3

A Walk of Punishment – Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 3

Blackfish is the man!

When you don’t need to watch your arrow to know you hit your target, you know you’re a badass. And last week’s episode was full of badass.  The King in the North was badass, Tyrion was badass, Podrick Payne was badass, heck, even Missandei was badass or rather, hot ass. LOL

Now before you condemn me for using badass one too many times (you prolly already do), let’s examine what happened in this episode.

As always, one setting at a time.



 It’s Lord Hoster Tully’s funeral. Unlike other ceremonies where the dead is buried or built a burning pyre, the Tullys send their dead to the river and set it ablaze with a flying arrow. Edmure Tully, Catelyn’s brother, wasn’t up for the task, so Brynden “Blackfish” Tully stepped forward like the badass he is, took no more than three seconds to place a notch and aim, and whoosh! Direct hit! *slow clap*

Walk of Punishment Game of Thrones Season 3

6 minutes into the episode and we already have a clue what kind of people Ed and Blackfish are, as evidenced by clever comebacks from the latter and blundering excuses from the former. Awesome! Also, Robb is definitely a marvelous battle strategist. Love Richard Madden’s accent!

Cat is grieving, not just for her father, but for her sons as well. Like everyone in the North, she believes they’re dead, burned in Winterfell at the order of Theon Greyjoy. I won’t bother mentioning Talisa because she’s, well, useless. 😛


Kings Landing

Tywin Lannister, Hand of the King, patiently waits for the Small Council at a dining table, chairs deliberately arranged at his side. Of course, Littlefinger is the first to sit on the left side, while Varys and Maester Pycelle follow suit.

When Cersei and Tyrion enter the room, our blonde queen immediately proceeds to moving a chair to sit right next to Tywin, a deliberate move that shows so much about how she’s manipulating everyone around her. Tyrion, on the other hand, slooooowly drags a chair directly oppposite Tywin, a bold challenging move that earned a look of amusement from Varys.

Walk of Punishment Game of Thrones Season 3

This scene is a terrific example of how actions speak louder than words. Even with very little dialogue, subtle maneuverings and plot points are taking root. Such a fantastic performance from all of them.

Meanwhile, Podrick gets a reward for saving Tyrion’s life and instead proves himself a most virile man. Although IMO, I think Tyrion arranged the whole thing. He paid the whores in advance and asked them the money. An  ego boost is definitely a better reward than anything else.

But whatever it was, I want copious details too! Copious! LOL


Somewhere down the Kings Road

 We say goodbye to Hot Pie. Bye, Hot Pie! L I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you’ll be missed. “Don’t get stabbed” is now almost as epic as “May the force be with you”. Also, Thoros of Myr’s accent is hot.The Hound is badass and fearless as ever and Arya is still holding a grudge over Myca’s death. Yes, Myca. Remember him?


Beyond the Wall

 Mance Rayder and his troops find a Westerosi version of a crop circle, but with maimed horses instead of corn stalks. When the Wildlings realize that Mormont’s army might be heavily wounded and lacking, Mance immediately assigns Jon with Tormund to claim The Wall and open the gates for the army. Ciaran Hinds is excellent as always. I want more Jon and Ygritte action though. Judging from episode 5’s title “Kissed by Fire”, we’ll definitely get our fair share of “action”. 😛

Meanwhile at Craster’s keep, Craster begrudgingly accepts the Nights Watch into his home. He insults Samwell, denies them good food and wine, stares like a maniac, and basically just acts like a vile bastard. Sorry, I had to say it. Oh, and Sam watches Gilly push a baby out of her hoo-hah. LOL


Somewhere in The North

 Theon is led to safety by the “spy” who claimed to be Yara’s man. Book readers, we definitely know what’s happening here.  Audiences, stay tune for more.



 Melisandre is about to leave to, ahm, pray but Stannis is stalling her. He demands another son, another shadow demon from Mel’s hoo-hah, to kill Robb Stark and Joffrey Baratheon. She claims that he is not strong enough though, and that it’ll only kill him. She remarks, “your fires burn low, my king”. LOL The look of pity she gives him is hilarious.



Walk of Punishment Game of Thrones Season 3

Crucifixes. Crucifixes everywhere. As Dany, Jorah, and Ser Barristan stroll through the Walk of Punishment, they discuss battle strategies that will win Daenerys the Iron Throne. Here, we get one of the most legit references about Rhaegar Targaryen and I’m hoping that more will come. R+L=J please! 😀

Daenerys negotiates with the Slave Masters about buying all of the Unsullied, including those in training. At first, Kraznys Not-Ben-Kingsley mo Nakloz refuses, but Dany offers something far more valuable than anything in the world: a dragon.

Who could refuse that?

Also, hurray for Valyrian! Must.Learn.Valyrian. 😀


Somewhere NEAR Harrenhal

Remember when Jaime and Brienne were having an epic swordfight, then they were rudely interrupted by a group of soldiers bearing House Bolton’s sigil? Well, they’re on their way to Harrenhal now, on horseback, tied to each other, and still bantering over who’s the better swordfighter. Jaime warns her about rape and how she shouldn’t just resist. Seriously, I’m developing weird feelings for Jaime and I kinda hate myself for it.

Oh, and Jaime loses his hand.

Walk of Punishment Game of Thrones Season 3

Sorry for the surprise there. I couldn’t resist not doing the same slapdash-scream-at-the-end-surprise like the show. When the song played right in the middle of that memorable book scene, I jumped in both fear and annoyance, thinking it was some technical error from the torrent. It wasn’t, though.


Overall, this episode is a 7. Plot points were in place, the dialogues were remarkable (Charles Dance should get an award or something), and characters were slowly being positioned to play their own part in the Game of Thrones, but there were loopholes and illogicals that were obvious, even to non-book readers.

How about you? What did you think of “Walk of Punishment”?



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