Random-But-Slightly-Serious Musings of the Day

1. My motivation is decreasing.

Each day, I grow more and more restless with work, clearly I’m craving for something…more. I haven’t figured out what it is yet, so the route my brain’s taking is somewhere down the road of motivation-level-zero. It’s obviously reflected on my performance, although my quality rating has certainly gone up a notch from last month. Yey! 


2. I miss challenging conversations. 

Is it really so hard to find a guy that can stimulate my brain and my hormones??? #facepalm Wait, what are we talking about again? 


3. I seriously need to reorient my goals.

Before I graduated, I promised myself that once I’m financially stable, I’d take fashion design classes. But it’s been like two years since I got my cum laude medal and I still haven’t taken any classes. Sure, I’ve read brochures and asked for course quotes but that’s about it. I’m in a career limbo right now and I desperately need to surface from it. My work is great, but I need to start chasing after my dreams NOW!


4. I’m crushing on someone for no reason. 

It’s weird that I have this crush on someone but I can’t explain why. Sure, he’s cute, but I’ve never been the type to have feelings for someone just because he looks good in a white shirt. I’ve always been attracted to “brains”, and no I’m not a zombie. LOL. My crush, as far as I can tell, isn’t really someone who can challenge me to “think”. But hey, I still have to get to know him better so maybe he’s hiding something underneath all that hair. 😀


Yep, I’m definitely in a weird state of mind right now.


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