Franco The Outpost


So a few days ago, we attended a brief shindig at The Outpost, Lahug, Cebu City featuring OPM Bands, Cuarenta, Junior Kilat, The Ambassadors, and one of my favourites, Franco (or just Franco Reyes this time). 😀

The place was packed so it was a good thing we got there early. The manager/event planner was gracious enough to grant us a table, although I did try to bribe him hoping that he’d get us good seats. Hey, I was desperate!

Franco The Outpost Cebu City
see what I mean?

The front acts were, shall we say, just OKAY. Their own fans probably enjoyed their performances, but since I wasn’t a follower, my reaction was a mere “Meh!”. I drank a LOT of Tanduay Ice Alcomix though, which probably helped with all the boredom. No offense, non-Franco bands. 😀

Aprianne Marie Sordy Mahusay Kyra Cerillo Jodie Melendres
mah college buds
Godece Jasmine Rosal Aprianne Marie Sordy Mahusay Kyra Cerillo Jodie Melendres
here’s a shot of me w/ them
Kyra Cerillo Andria Pacina RJ Bate
waitin’ for Franco

When Franco FINALLY made his entrance, the crowd went wild. It’s obvious that this guy has a lot of charisma over an audience, especially the ladies. It doesn’t hurt that he has an awesome rocker voice and a laid-back Stacy Jaxx-esque body too. *swoon 😀

Franco Reyes The Outpost Cebu City
sexlines.. wonderful, hard, sweet-smelling sex lines

He sang Cast Away, This Gathering, Seasons, and Song for the Suspect, all personal favourites of mine. But just when we were about to leave (MY FRIENDS WERE SOOOOOO SLEEPY, I WASN’T!!!), he crooned Mass for the End of Time. Aaargh! I only got to the part “Watch out for the breaking hearts tonight…” Yep, seriously! I only heard the beginning! Aaaaargh! Until now I hold a grudge for not being able to hear the entire song LIVE!

But still, I saw my ex again! Wooohoo! Till next time, my lav! 😀


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