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Not Just a Team, But a Family

When I got hired at Smart Traffic, my first reaction was “Yey, now I can buy stuff again!” My second reaction was “Wait, what if I can’t make friends?” Yes, believe it or not, that was a major concern. 😦

Let me explain…

My first job was as a Content Writer at Virtual Staff Save, and it was probably one of the most depressing moments of my life. First, there was the board exam to worry about. I didn’t want to fail because, well, it would be suuuuuuper embarrassing if I did. Second, I didn’t expect that life would be like that once I graduated. I thought it was going to be about shopping, partying, and having the time of my life. But instead, I woke up, worked my ass off, went home, slept, and did exactly the same thing the next day. It was a routine that was soon very sickening. Thank God I had Chan and Jeric (my two best friends) to keep me from going crazy. 😀

By September, I had to get out of VSS or forever lose hope. I gave my resignation letter and disappeared. I know it was a bad way to exit any job, but I just couldn’t stand going back there again. Let me make this clear: the place wasn’t bad, and the boss was even cool (he visited us every Saturday to treat us lunch, which would always be something suuuuper delish). But the work environment was very, well, indifferent. Let’s just leave it at that.

So that’s basically why I was really concerned if I would make friends at ST.

Turns out, my worries were for nothing. Sure, for the first few weeks of work, I was a zombie. I would come to the office, work, go home, and repeat this cycle the next day. But the people were friendly. They would actually talk to me, at first about trivial stuff then pretty soon about work. I knew then that this place was going to be different.

And by February, when I joined their team building activity, which was apparently scheduled every other month, I was soooo glad I applied at ST. The office environment is strict, but not depressing. And woah, when we’re not at work, these people are really different. They had an arsenal of jokes, mostly about sex, and they had a relationship built on friendship, respect, and mutual understanding that “hey, when we’re at the office, it’s about work. but when we’re not, I’m your friend and you can count on me”. It was then I decided to stay. 

And now, I’m happy to say that I actually have friends here, and great ones too! Yey! 😀

Smart Traffic Cebu Content Dev
soooo glad I met these people. awwww.

So we had another team building activity last November 17 at Mountain View Nature’s Park, Busay, Cebu. I’ve been there countless of times already but I must say, I’ve never enjoyed myself like I did that Saturday. 😀

Smart Traffic Cebu McDonalds JY Square
camwhoring at McDonalds

Call time was 8am at McDonalds. When I arrived, most of the team were already there. But I have an excuse. I had to stop at about 3 gas stations to buy Mojitos and Tanduay, two very strong drinks that will turn you into Socrates, Bon Jovi, and Superman. Don’t ask me to explain.

We booked a jeepney to take us to the site, where we all had a nail biting 15 minute ride. On a side note: the konduktor (bisaya for “conductor” which ironically means driver) looked so much like the vocalist from Franco. Hehe.

When we arrived at our spot, which was a considerable way up top, the view was splendid.

Mountain View Nature's Park Cebu
i feel like singing “I’m on the top of the world looking down on…”

While the organisers were preparing for the program, the groups (the entire team was divided into two groups) decided to practice their cheer. Ours was a military drill, where Anthony was the commanding officer and we were his soldiers.

team building Smart Traffic

team building Smart Traffic

Unfortunately, the other group had the same concept. LOL.

team building Smart Traffic

Then, we had a short break before lunch, which only meant ONE thing: CAMWHORE!!! 😀

Pre Carcillar, Godece Rosal, Jessica Arnaiz

Smart Traffic Content Dev

Ganda Benedicto, Jessica Arnaiz, Godece Rosal

Smart Traffic Content Dev

By lunchtime, we were all starving. We had pork lechon with mushroom gravy (just made up the name), chopsuey, and lumpia shanghai. After eating and camwhoring, the games started.


First up, charades and pinoy henyo. Next, Paint Me a Picture.

paint me a picture

paint me a picture

paint me a picture

paint me a picture

After the games, we had our “sharing” session. We were each given a piece of paper, where we had to write about our private, hidden, and unknown selves. Then, we passed our papers around so that all could write a single description about each one of us.

I must say, I am suuuuuuper flattered about what they thought of me. Here are their exact words:


mysterious 🙂 haha!




confident – II


heavy drinker! 🙂

fashionista, smart, witty

smart and sweet

nerd! pero di maklaro!

nerd na chix!



quiet yet friendly

sweet 😛



fun to be with 🙂


See? It’s impossible for me to read these without having my insides melt. I am suuuuuper happy, but it’s more than just an ego boost. It means that I must be doing something right, if they think of me like this. 😀

But back to the sharing session, we each took turns talking about the lessons we learned, our experiences, or our thoughts about the team and the activities. I can’t reveal what we said to each other (a slight case of “What happens in… stays in…” ) but it gave me a lot to think about, in a good way.

At about 4pm, most of the team headed back to the city. Our group of friends had already decided that we would spend the night here. After a brief karaoke session, headed by our hunkah-beybeh crooners Trestan and Emman, we headed to our rooms which was a loooooong way down.

Godece Jasmine Rosal
proof? mah fez!

By the time we got there, my knees were shaking. MUST.EXERCISE.MORE. 😀

After resting for a bit with some tequila shots, LOL, Pre, and I changed into our swim suits and headed over to the pool area. The water was very cold, but it was still very relaxing. And because I’ve always considered myself a mermaid, harhar!, I refused to get out of the water, even if it was already very cold. By the time I got out for dinner, I was a prune. Haha! 😀

At about 7pm, we had a suuuuuper delicious dinner: grilled pork, grilled hotdogs with marshmallows, some leftovers from our lunch, tequila, and coke. We (me, Pre, Dora, Trestan, Eman, Dannea, Paul, Anthony, Eugene, Jerika, Ela, Trey) enjoyed each other’s company, with the city skylights as our background, the cold mountain breeze all around us, and booze in our systems. What a way to start the night! Woot! Woot! 😀

At about 9pm, the pool area closed up and, much to our dismay, we had to transfer our tagay (drinking) session.

And then the mayhem started.

When you’re in great company, time really doesn’t matter. You can go for hours just talking, laughing, and teasing each other. That was one of those nights. We still had two bottles of Mojitos Tequila Gold, Five Years Tanduay Rhum Dark, playing cards, and Kuya Eman and Trestan.

I had a completely different impression of these two guys when I met them. But boy was I wrong. Haha! Let’s not spill the beans, shall we? 😉 Let’s just say the night was filled with life lessons, kama sutra basics, relationship advice, castration techniques, and bugs.

Yep, bugs. They are literally scared shitless of bugs. To show you, I’ve gathered a few memes that reflect their thoughts on bugs (I’ve been using the word bugs a lot now, harhar!)…

meme scared of bugs

meme scared of bugs

meme scared of bugs

meme scared of bugs

meme scared of bugs

By the end of the night, I had gooseprickles everywhere, I had rhum in my system, I learned how to castrate a man, and I killed a bug for mah bro Trestan. Yes Tre, your argument is invalid. 😛

All in all, it was a superb weekend. Even though I didn’t get enough sleep, because I had another tagay session that Sunday night, I still enjoyed myself immensely.

Lezz do this again, mmmkay? 😀


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