Rum, Vodka, and a Glorious Weekend

If you follow me on Twitter or if we’re friends in Facebook, you may be aware that I attended the Tanduay Rum Rockfest on October 12, 2012, which happened weeks ago. Now why haven’t I posted it?

BECAUSE I LOST THE PHOTOS!!! Aaaaargh! I had to wait for my friends to upload their own photos and just use those for my blog. Sheeesh.

So here goes my article. Note that I wrote this on October 15, 2012.

Tanduay Rum Rockfest VIP tickets
Tanduay Rum Rockfest VIP tickets

A few weeks ago, one of my friends stumbled on an online ad about the Tanduay Rum Rockfest to be held in October. It’s kinda like October fest, but with rum instead of beer. It sounded fun so we got our VIP tickets by purchasing two 750ml bottles of Tanduay Rhum Dark and one 750ml bottle of Tanduay Rhum Light. I still have no idea what to do with them right now. Any suggestions? 😀

kyra, godece, aprianne, sordy, jodie, fatima, paul
prepping at Kyra’s apartment

So the big day came and we were all dressed to impress, sort of. We all agreed to wear something white, for uniformity’s sake. Don’t ask why. Upon arriving at the venue, we were expecting only a few people because we thought our VIP ticket was rare. Boy were we wrong.

The place was packed. You could hardly move without bumping someone else. And to be honest, not everyone smelled good. Oh my ghaaad! Even the VIP entrance line was long.

But that’s not the bad part of my night. I don’t mind long queues and I’m not even annoyed with jampacked crowds. What irked me was the fact that security confiscated my comb. Yep, COMB! What the hell would I do with a fucking comb? Stab someone with it? Sheeesh. I felt like crying at that point. Say whatever you want but I had that comb since 1st year high school. That’s like 9 years of keeping my hair shiny and bouncy. Of course it means a lot to me.

But back to the main event, the venue was divided into three sections. The farthest back is for General Admission (where I assume they can barely see the performers), the middle is for the VIPs (not so VIPs apparently), and the front section is for the Sponsor VIPs.

jodie, godece, aprianne, kyra, sordy
this is how far we were from the stage. see that blue screen behind us?

After some minor performances from underdog local bands, the major vocalists and performers from the hardcore bands came out: Chito Miranda, Rico Blanco, Gloc9, and all the other ninja turtles of Pinoy OPM bands. Needless to say, the crowd went wild.

I just have to say though, there were a LOT of technical glitches to which the crowd responded with deafening “boooooooos” and “wtf”. Organisers, you had one job! One job! Sheesh.

Anyway, when Rico Blanco came out again, I was hooked. I liked him before, but now I love him. He has such a rocker voice, hard and masculine with just the right touch of gruff. He wore a costume for his performance though, which was kinda weird. It was straight out of Lady Gaga’s closet. Hmmm, maybe it was? 😀

Rico Blanco
see what I mean?

More and more people muscled in closer to the stage, which made it even more suffocating. Finally, I could barely breathe and I just had to get out of there or risk passing out.

Tanduay Rum Rockfest
sooooooooo crowded. ghaaaaaaaad!

We stayed near the back where there were less people. All of us were tired and hungry and our feet hurt. I can only imagine the pain if we were wearing heels. So we decided to head out and retrieve our confiscated items.

Good news: I FOUND MY COMB! YEY!

Unfortunately, Kyra didn’t find her eyeliner from Etude Haus. Obviously, someone else took it. Hello, it’s from Etude Haus!

But after waiting for a bit, we headed to IT park and ate at KFC. We were all sooooo starving we burned through lots of food in under 30 minutes.

nomming at KFC

After that, we headed to Tonyo’s (a local pub and restaurant just across IT Park). There, we saw JP, or as I like to call him, Paul. I haven’t seen him in soooo long I couldn’t help but be a little nostalgic.

godece, jp, sordy, kyra
we missed you JP!!!

After assembling a few tables beside Kyra’s friends’ tables, we ordered two buckets of Tanduay Ice, an alcoholic pre-mixed drink in a bottle. It’s my favourite, particularly the red one.

Of course, every moment in this group is a vain moment. We took tons of photos, but I’m only going to feature a few of them here.





The highlight of the evening was our “Hubo” or Dare session. It’s like truth or dare, but instead of truth, a person has to choose between taking off a piece of clothing or going for a dare. IT.WAS.SO.MUCH.FUN! We took off our earrings, watches, necklaces, shoes, belts. And when we were out of stuff to take off, we had to choose dare. I for one had to do a sexy dance on top of a chair, which was really embarrassing.

At about 3:30am, we decided to call it a night and headed home.

But the weekend doesn’t stop there.

The night after that, which was on a Saturday, Kyra invited all of us at Patio Isabel for dinner (as a celebration of her birthday). It was a convenient buffet restaurant offering Filipino cuisine located just behind Paradise, Banilad, Cebu City. The food was okay, but I’ve definitely tasted better. My mom’s cooking was sooooo much better though. Much better.

Patio Isabel
family photo

But what I loved that night was the company. I love these guys. They have been my friends throughout college and I’m so glad they’re still part of my life until now. I wouldn’t trade them for anything else. Cheesy? No, just the truth.

So that’s everything. It was a crazy weekend, but a glorious one spent with wonderful friends! Hurrah!

Here are more some more photos… 😀

Tanduay Rum Rockfest

Chito Miranda


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